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News about Climate Change and our Planet


How exercise can make you happier

A swimmer runs with relish toward the Atlantic Ocean in Devon, England, in July 1926. (Photo: Fox Photos/Getty Images) The human body is meant to move. We’re all athletes at heart, fine-tuned by natural selection to run across savannas, leap…


Guardian environment writers: ‘With your help, we are tackling humankind’s greatest challenge’

George Monbiot, columnist and author of several books on the climate crisis Before I worked for the Guardian, I tried writing for other newspapers, in the belief I should reach the unconverted. But I gradually discovered that all of them…


Reframing Antarctica’s meltwater pond dangers to ice shelves and sea level

On Antarctica, meltwater ponds riddle a kilometer-thick, 10,000-year-old ice shelf, which shatters just weeks later. The collapse shocks scientists and unleashes the glacier behind the ice shelf, driving up sea level. A new study puts damage by meltwater ponds to ice shelves and the ensuing threat to sea level into cool, mathematical perspective.

Former Exxon Scientists Tell Congress of Oil Giant’s Climate Research Before Exxon Turned to Denial

Exxon’s research warned of the risks of climate change from human-cause greenhouse gas emissions 40 years ago.  Then came the ‘sea change’ at the energy company. Telling their story before a Congressional committee for the first time, two former ExxonMobil…


Collapse of Antarctic ice may have been centuries in the making

The ice shelves in eastern Antarctic peninsula seem to have been thinning since around 1700, leaving ice shelves such as Larsen B vulnerable to their recent break-up as human-caused climate change took hold

Strong winter dust storms may have caused the collapse of the Akkadian Empire

(Hokkaido University) Fossil coral records provide new evidence that frequent winter shamals, or dust storms, and a prolonged cold winter season contributed to the collapse of the ancient Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia.