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News about Climate Change and our Planet


‘No Planet B’: Hundreds of thousands join global climate strike – Al Jazeera English

School students in Sydney join the Global Strike 4 Climate rally; a global day of protest to demand governments take urgent steps to prevent environmental disaster [Steven Saphore/AAP Images via AP Photo] Hundreds of thousands of protesters, many of them…

NASA estimates Tropical Depression Imelda’s huge Texas rainfall

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) Northeastern Texas has borne the brunt of Tropical Depression Imelda’s heavy rainfall and NASA estimated that rainfall with an algorithm that incorporates data from satellites and observations.

Why Russia is ambivalent about global warming – The Economist

FIRST CAME fires that turned the Siberian skies into a wall of solid smoke stretching for thousands of kilometres. Then came a drought that sucked the Lena river nearly dry, leaving boats marooned in the mud. It has been an…

D.C.’s Soggy Forecast: NBC Makes Same Hysterical Prediction As 30 Years Ago

On Tuesday’s NBC Today, NBC weatherman Al Roker warned viewers that climate change was “threatening some iconic American landmarks” and even touted predictions that Washington D.C. may soon be underwater as a result. The only problem with that dire forecast?…


ARMY CORPS: Spillway that saved New Orleans from flood killed dolphins

The federal government’s effort to avoid a flood disaster in New Orleans had catastrophic consequences of its own, causing massive fish kills and habitat destruction along the Gulf Coast, according to the governors of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Scientists identify previously unknown ‘hybrid zone’ between hummingbird species

(American Ornithological Society Publications Office) We usually think of a species as being reproductively isolated — that is, not mating with other species in the wild. Occasionally, however, closely related species do interbreed. New research documents the existence of a previously undiscovered hybrid zone along the coasts of California and Oregon where two related bird hummingbirds are blurring species boundaries, and researchers hope that studying cases such as this one could improve their understanding of how biodiversity is created and maintained.


Q&A: Pulitzer winner on the ‘disconnect’ in coastal adaptation

The journalist Gilbert Gaul has two attributes that make him uniquely qualified to write about the threat of climate change to the U.S. coast. He’s won two Pulitzer Prizes, and he’s spent most of his life living in New Jersey.