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EMISSIONS: Coal spree suggests China might loosen CO2 goals

China is a world leader on renewable energy, on electric vehicles and in setting carbon dioxide reduction goals. But it’s also under pressure to build more coal-fired power plants over the next five years.

China’s Geopolitical Priorities Become Clear: Oil, Not Wind

China’s offshore wind installations for 2019 and its plans for the end of the decade are catching headlines. Less well reported, in the United Kingdom at least, is the vastly more significant evidence that China is acting firmly to reduce…

Green Ignoramuses Now Want Sterile Energy

Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef (pictured) is once again the excuse for extending Green control of all land and waters. The current scare concerns the quality of water draining into the Coral Sea. The Greens’ hidden agenda is to eliminate coastal…

Renewables in Europe: Land requirements can be reduced at low cost

(Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V. (IASS)) Transitioning our energy supply from coal, oil and gas to wind and solar power is feasible. However, renewables require more land than conventional forms of energy generation. A new study explores the options to reduce the land requirements of a fully renewable energy supply in Europe and their possible impact on the cost of electricity.

‘Worst-case’ global warming scenario still best guide until 2050, study says – Climate Home

A ‘worst-case’ scenario of surging greenhouse gas emissions this century is still the ‘most useful choice’ for government planning until 2050 despite criticisms that it is alarmist, a US study said on Monday. The scenario of rising fossil fuel use,…


OFFSHORE WIND: 16 projects are on the way. Will the grid fail?

New England’s biggest coal plant was razed last year as part of an East Coast transformation to harness ocean winds. But pitfalls remain as states strike out alone in the race to tap clean energy.

Phil Drietz: Global warming is fake science – West Central Tribune

Steve Molenaar, in his July 18 letter wrote “We must do more to help our climate,” implies that problems caused by COVID-19 “…are trivial in comparison to the coming twin crises of climate change and species extinction.” Really, there is…