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News about Climate Change and our Planet


U.N. Twists Climate Facts To Suit Its Radical Agenda

A report from the United Nations claims that there has been a ‘staggering rise in climate emergencies in the last 20 years’. According to the report, ‘The Human Cost of Disasters’, there have been 7,348 recorded ‘disaster events’ worldwide during the last two…


Freezing cold war: militaries move in as Arctic ice retreats – photo essay

This month Arctic sea ice reached its second lowest extent on record, and modeling shows it will completely melt in summer by 2035. But where many see a disaster, some global powers discern an opportunity to secure geopolitical and commercial…


BHP bosses defend company’s decision to stay in gas and oil ‘for the medium term’

BHP management has batted away shareholder criticism of the miner’s intention to continue investing in gas despite claiming it will dramatically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade. Speaking at BHP’s Australian annual meeting on Wednesday evening, chairman…

Even The Ancient Greeks Understood Climate Change

For students of ancient civilizations, one of the curious facts is that the site of Troy (Hisarlik in western Turkey), whose walls Homer describes as overlooking the sea, is now 6.5 kilometers inland at the closest point to the Aegean….


Mark Carney says banks should link executive pay to Paris climate goals

Former Bank of England governor Mark Carney has said banks should link executive pay to climate risk management, as part of efforts to align the finance industry with Paris climate goals. Speaking at the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative roundtable…


More than 7,000 extreme weather events recorded since 2000, says UN

Extreme weather events have increased dramatically in the past 20 years, taking a heavy human and economic toll worldwide, and are likely to wreak further havoc, the UN has said. Heatwaves and droughts will pose the greatest threat in the…

Biomass and global warming! – Economic Times

Biomass, Black Carbon, and Global warming (BBGs)!! This blog was posted in 2014 but the logic is still valid. Hence I am sharing with those who have an interest in global climate change. According to a paper published in Energy…

Is Iceland’s most active volcano about to erupt?

The ice-covered Grímsvötn volcano produced an unusually large and powerful eruption in 2011. Now, says this volcanologist, there are clear signs that Grímsvötn is getting ready to erupt again.

3 Inconvenient Truths 60 Minutes Left Out Of Its CA Wildfire Story

CBS journalist Scott Pelley recently visited Butte County, California, to report on the wildfires devastating the Golden State. Government statistics show that more than 8,300 wildfires have burned some 4 million acres to date. The flames have claimed 31 lives…