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News about Climate Change and our Planet

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Be Afraid: Biden’s Regulatory Regime Is Now Targeting Household Appliances

Energy experts and manufacturers are warning that the Biden administration’s aggressive regulatory regime will lead to more expensive household appliances that are far less effective than current models. The Department of Energy (DOE) has made so-called energy efficiency standards a…

These climate resolutions can actually make a difference for the climate in 2023 –

2022 delivered a sobering wake-up call of how much work is left to address the climate crisis. Flooding in Pakistan, Nigeria, and Indonesia killed thousands of people, drought affected millions of people in Somalia and China, and unusually severe heat…

Here we go again: Texas, climate change and the power grid | TheHill – The Hill

This past February, snow, ice and record cold temperatures from Winter Storm Uri caused energy supply to plummet, triggering a cascade of failures that left more than 10 million Texans in the dark before presenting them with tens of billions…

Opinion | To Fight Climate Change, Replace Fossil Fuels at Home and Work – The New York Times

Our future depends on our acting now to confront the climate crisis by enacting policies to convert our economy from fossil fuels to clean energy. By making this switch, we will also create millions of new jobs, save American households…

Fight Climate Change With Your Undies — A Hang Drying Manifesto

August 24–28 is “Hang Dry For Climate Change Week.” Join the nonprofits Solar Oregon, African American Alliance for Homeownership, and Electrify Now and post a picture of your clothes with the hashtag #hangdry

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