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WEATHER: Warm winter has leaves popping out way early in Southeast

It may have been freezing earlier this week in New York, but mild winter temperatures across the U.S. over the last couple of weeks have leaves bursting out as much as three weeks early from Texas to North Carolina.


WATER: Reports: Flooding risks could devalue Fla. real estate

Flooding due to climate change-related sea-level rise, the erosion of natural barriers and long periods of rain pose substantial economic risks to Florida, particularly to the value of South Florida real estate, according to two reports released last week.

Closing the Ozone Hole Helped Slow Arctic Warming – Scientific American

The international treaty that saved the Earth’s ozone layer is often considered one of the most successful environmental efforts in history. Now there’s evidence it did more than just preserve a critical shield for the planet. The 1987 Montreal Protocol…

Ozone-depleting substances caused half of late 20th-century Arctic warming, says study

(Earth Institute at Columbia University) A study examines the greenhouse warming effects of ozone-depleting substances and finds that they caused about a third of all global warming from 1955 to 2005, and half of Arctic warming and sea ice loss during that period.