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An Unusual New York City Election Tests Whether Global Warming Can Win A Local Race – HuffPost

RIDGEWOOD, N.Y. ― In a past life, during the halcyon days before hipsters colonized New York City’s outer boroughs, Costa Constantinides sold toys here in this working-class, immigrant neighborhood in central Queens.  It was a time when the city had…


Rajendra Pachauri, 79, Dies; Led Nobel-Winning Climate Agency – The New York Times

Rajendra K. Pachauri, a charismatic voice on the risks of global warming who led the United Nations’ climate science agency when it won the Nobel Peace Prize, but whose career ended amid accusations of sexual harassment, died on Thursday at…

Energy Innovation CEO Hal Harvey: Climate Solutions Are At Our Fingertips

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the climate crisis. With powerful political forces and traditional energy businesses pushing hard to deny the problem, delay progress, or greenwash their own activities, it can sometimes feel like progress is unattainable

70% of Americans rarely discuss the environmental impact of their food

(Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies ) American consumers are hungry for more climate-friendly plant-based diets, but they need more information, according to a new survey by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and the Earth Day Network.


How a Trillion Trees Triumphed Over Trump’s Climate Denialism – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — People warned Marc Benioff, the billionaire chief executive of Salesforce, not to bother talking to the White House about global warming. But Mr. Benioff, a tech mogul and environmental philanthropist, felt sure he had found a climate change…

Environmentalism & The Electric Car

I have several acquaintances who are concerned about our present administration and Trump’s anti-environmental actions (now he’s just turned back the protection of streams and waterways, giving industry carte blanche to pollute even more). Several of those same individuals just bought new gas cars in the last year. That’s the problem! It’s not the climate deniers, however naive they may be — it’s the people who understand the danger at our door and think it’s someone else’s responsibility to fix

Burrowing mayfly’s decline may serve as a warning system for the health of our environment

(Virginia Tech) But scientists from Virginia Tech and the University of Notre Dame recently discovered that a particular species — the burrowing mayfly — had a population decrease of nearly 84 percent from 2015 to 2019.

Appeasement Backfires: Climate Alarmists Now Attack Planting Trees

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is championing a proposal to show the GOP is serious about climate change, but climate activists are already trashing the proposal as weak and misguided. McCarthy’s proposal illustrates the trap awaiting Republican policymakers who…

Biden Doubles Down: ‘We Are Going To Get Rid Of Fossil Fuels’

Now that his son Hunter is no longer being paid all that money by Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian gas company, former Vice President Joe Biden wants to ban fossil fuels. At a campaign event in New Hampshire, the Democratic candidate…