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Group To Air Thanksgiving-Themed Ad Knocking Green New Deal

A right-leaning group is continuing its months-long attack on the Green New Deal by releasing an ad warning about the climate policy proposal as Democrats prepare to take the debate stage on Wednesday night. The ad depicts a family who refuses to…

We’re living through Earth’s second-hottest year, NOAA finds – Washington Post

Global land and ocean temperature departures from average during October 2019. (NOAA) Andrew Freedman Editor focusing on extreme weather, climate change, science and the environment. November 19 at 8:15 PM This year is increasingly likely to be the planet’s second-…

Labour Vows To Delist Firms Not Fighting Climate Change From Stock Exchange

(h/t Rúnar) Companies that fail to act on the climate change they cause will be axed from the stock exchange, under radical Labour plans. John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, pledged his government would ensure firms are “pulling their weight” to…

After Protests, NH Hotel Group Cancels ‘Alternative Climate Conference’

UPDATE: EIKE informs they managed to find an appropriate place in Munich, on time and that all the reservations, as well as dates, remain valid. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, they have to keep the location secret. Free speech in Germany! (But…

Why Big Business Loves Global Warming – Capital Research Center

If you listen to liberals at the New York Times, you might think that climate change is a rapidly growing issue captivating Republicans. In 2017, the Times editorial board gushed that the Climate Leadership Council (CLC)—a supposedly conservative group pushing…


EPA: International reports contradict Wheeler’s climate message

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler used a trip to Israel this week to test the Trump administration’s messaging on climate change to a global audience — but new emissions figures are likely to undercut his rosy argument.


ENERGY TRANSITIONS: Offshore wind companies team up to appease fishing industry

Five offshore wind developers released a joint plan this morning to coordinate turbine placement in the shallow waters off New England, in a bid to ease fishermen’s concerns and win over federal regulators.


ACTIVISM: Jane Fonda is ready for her last close-up

The actress and political activist is leading a cast of older celebrities into the spotlight to demand action on climate change. Environmentalists say it shows the breadth of a movement that’s increasingly being driven by younger people.

What climate change will look like over the next decade – Business Insider

In the last few years, we’ve seen record-breaking temperatures, intense hurricanes and wildfires, and unprecedented ice melt. All of these are predicted consequences of climate change and are expected to get worse in the coming years. Addressing this threat in…