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Two Years With The Chevy Bolt — Mixed Feelings & A Family Of Geese

We’re excited around here right now. A couple of years ago, just about the time I signed my Bolt lease, my friends built me a birthday perch for the pond. They told us it would attract geese and entice them to have families here. Last year we labeled the perch, or at least I did, the barge. It was butt ugly sitting on our idyllic pond — think of a machine shipping skid with blue foam board under it in the hope of keeping it afloat

Kora’s Spring Lineup Brings Surprising Softness But The Warmth Of Wool

The team at Kora have introduced a new top for men and women that brings the benefits of their unique yak wool blend into the world of technical wear. They reached out to us after we put their Xenolith sweater on our holiday gift guide last year to see if we wanted to try out their new shirt. The sent a few pieces of their gear* along with it for us to try out

Charging On Without A Plan In The UK

The UK government, like the eccentric Don Quixote, is charging on without a rational plan for charging infrastructure. What has been required since 2010 when the first viable EVs started to emerge is a central government plan and policy for charging infrastructure. In the absence of any such planning, charging points of all kinds have sprung up like weeds in a neglected garden, with no specifications for siting, for access, or for payment

Reasons To Buy A Tesla Model 3 By May 27, & A Few Reasons To Not Buy

Tesla is offering 5,000 free miles of Supercharging if you order by May 27. You have to use the miles within 6 months, but that could save you about about $450 if you drive a lot, less if you drive less. You should also get your car by June 30, 2019 — so, if you are in the US, you should be eligible for the $3,750 tax credit

The Future Is Now: The Audi e-tron In Perspective

Ernest Hemingway once wrote that “today is only one day in all the days that will ever be, but what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today.”

How My Tesla Model 3 Order Turned From Super Easy To Super Confusing

It was the 12th of April. I had waited exactly 3 years and 12 days. That morning, like many before it, I checked the Danish locale of the Tesla Model 3 configurator and there it was: the Standard Range Plus ready to order

Sign This Petition Asking Nissan To Fix Early 2018 LEAFs In North America

Normally, as journalists, we report on things others are doing or offer our opinion in op-eds about current events. This issue is a lot more personal than usual, and I wanted to disclose that right up front. I am the owner of an early 2018 Nissan LEAF, and this petition is my petition