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Clean Transport

Need to Cut Down on Air-Craft Industry to Contain Global warming!! – The Statesman

Vehicular emission has been considered as the main culprit of air pollution, but not anymore. With the expected passenger rise of 8.2 billion by 2025 and the expected industry revenues of $498 billion by 2022, there is a growing concern…

Transport Day at COP26: aviation, shipping, EVs but don’t mention cycling, micro-mobility or public transport

Wednesday 10 November was designated transport day at the UN Climate conference COP26. After the energy sector, the transport sector needs to be decarbonised. Decarbonisation of electricity grids will substantially contribute and assist in reducing transport emissions. The UK Government…

Underwhelming ‘Future Fuels Strategy’ scores Australia’s 4th Fossil award of COP26 on poor transport emissions policy

Where Australia stands on road transport climate policy Via Australia Institute The release of the Australian Government’s ‘Future Fuels Strategy’ on the eve of Transport Day of the UN Climate Conference, with little substance to increase Electric Vehicles takeup ensured…

Climate Change: COP26 Chance for World to Slow Global Warming – Bloomberg

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, host of the COP26 climate talks that start in Glasgow on Sunday, has summarized his view of the gathering’s goals as “coal, cars, cash and trees.” That’s green energy, clean transport, support for developing nations and action on…

COP26 last chance for world to limit global warming: Climate action chief Alok Sharma – THE WEEK

The United Nations COP26 climate action summit scheduled in Glasgow in November is the last chance for the world to limit global warming and stay on track to keep global temperature rises well below 2 degrees, Alok Sharma, the British…

Kids Get Parents To Buy Electric Cars

According to Peugeot, “more than half of children surveyed in Britain want their parents to be more environmentally friendly, including switching to electric or plug-in HYBRID vehicles.” And these are seriously kids, not young adults — 7–12 years old. 1,235 such children were surveyed

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