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COP26 last chance for world to limit global warming: Climate action chief Alok Sharma – THE WEEK

The United Nations COP26 climate action summit scheduled in Glasgow in November is the last chance for the world to limit global warming and stay on track to keep global temperature rises well below 2 degrees, Alok Sharma, the British…

Kids Get Parents To Buy Electric Cars

According to Peugeot, “more than half of children surveyed in Britain want their parents to be more environmentally friendly, including switching to electric or plug-in HYBRID vehicles.” And these are seriously kids, not young adults — 7–12 years old. 1,235 such children were surveyed

Elon Musk: Tiny Bit Of Sun’s Energy Could Power The World

Solar energy already powers almost everything on Earth — including us. Fossil fuels, hydropower, wind — to a large extent, all of these so-called energy sources rely on stored energy that ultimately came from good old Sol

ClimateLaunchpad’s Global Grand Final: The Winners

ClimateLaunchpad*, the world’s largest green business ideas competition, held its 7th successful edition of the Global Grand Final from September 30th to October 2nd — an event showcasing the year’s best green startups

Portugal Has 14% Plugin Vehicle Market Share, Tesla Model 3 On Top

While the overall automotive market in Portugal still in the doldrums (-39% year over year/YoY), plugin vehicle registrations hit a record month in September, with 1,844 plugins being registered there

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