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Clean Energy

Clean Energy At 1 Cent Per Kilowatt-Hour

We need clean energy, and we need it ASAP. There are barriers to getting it done, including permitting, price, land-use issues, energy-water nexus issues, lobbying efforts by the fossil industries and the puppets they install in our government, and more. Capital projects can take years to develop as a result of these obstacles

Low Solar Panel Prices Spark Surge in Adoption

Time is running out. If the global community has any chance of meeting the climate change caps set by the Paris Agreement, fossil fuels will have to be phased out and renewable energies implemented at a much, much faster rate. …

First Major US Offshore Wind Farm Delayed by Government

The Trump administration cast the fate of the nation’s first major offshore wind farm into doubt by extending an environmental review for the $2.8 billion Vineyard Wind project off Massachusetts. The Interior Department has ordered an additional study of the…

Top 10 Solar Energy Projects Around the World

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Slowly but surely, solar energy is making progress as a legitimate form of energy. Not only are governments using it to harness power for their respective municipalities, but, in addition, private businesses are using it to cut down on energy costs.  As such, more and more solar energy projects are popping up throughout the world, some of […]

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Energy Politics

City urged to attach ‘climate risk’ reports to pensions

Britain’s biggest companies, investors and pension funds must come clean to investors on the financial risks they face due to the climate crisis, MPs have said. The environmental audit committee (EAC) has called for the City of London to face…

Getting to 100% Renewables Requires Cheap Energy Storage.  But How Cheap? – By David Roberts

One of the most heated and interesting debates in the energy world today has to do with how far the US can get on carbon-free renewable energy alone.One faction believes that renewables can supply 100 percent of US energy, with…