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Tree rings could pin down Thera volcano eruption date

(University of Arizona) Research led by the University of Arizona Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research has anchored a long sequence of tree rings, providing context for the civilizations that existed throughout the Bronze and Iron Ages, including the eruption of Thera.

COVID-19: A Glimpse Of The Eco-Dystopia That Greens Keep Pushing

Greens just can’t help themselves. As the rest of us do what we can to tackle or withstand the COVID-19 crisis, they treat it as a sign, a warning from nature, a telling-off to hubristic, destructive mankind. The speed with…

Truckers are the unsung heroes of this pandemic

There’s no shortage of people facing extraordinary adversity to help us maintain some semblance of civilization in these pandemic times. There are the usual suspects — doctors, nurses, firefighters — who make courage under fire seem so routine. And then…

Coronavirus kicks global warming off the public agenda – The Times of Israel

The worldwide occupation with coronavirus is pushing another looming disaster — global warming — off the public agenda. The media is reporting little other than COVID-19-related news, and the United Nations has canceled a swath of climate change related meetings….

The drive-in movie theater may be just the cure for lockdown fatigue

Storefronts may be shuttered, offices hushed and sidewalks sparsely treaded amid a looming pandemic. But one unlikely beacon is shining a little brighter these days. That would be the drive-in movie theater. Indeed, after years of steadily retreating from the…


Fine-tuning radiocarbon dating could ‘rewrite’ ancient events

A new paper points out the need for an important new refinement to radiocarbon dating. The research has relevance for understanding key dates in Mediterranean history and prehistory, including the tomb of Tutankhamen and a controversial but important volcanic eruption on the Greek island of Santorini.

Humans built these mystery circles from mammoth bones 20,000 years ago

Tens of thousands of years ago, if you happened to be trekking across Ukraine toward the West Russian Plains, you might have come across a jaw-dropping scene. Literally — lower jaws, entire skulls and other bones from woolly mammoths were…

What winter? Earth just had its second-warmest December-February on record – USA TODAY

Only the El-Niño-fueled winter of 2015-16 was warmer. Some of the most extreme warmth was in Russia, which smashed its record for warmest winter. Thanks to human-caused global warming, “this period is now the warmest in the history of modern…