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News about Climate Change and our Planet



Global heating driving spread of mosquito-borne dengue fever

Rising temperatures across Asia and the Americas have contributed to multiple severe outbreaks of dengue fever globally over the past six months, making 2019 the worst year on record for the disease. In 1970 only nine countries faced severe dengue…

We’re All Going To Die: Alarmists In Our Midst

We are all going to die. The raspy scream of headlines, op-eds, demonstrators, wonks, activists, dinner guests, and friends. Or worse, our kids are all going to die (a dash of guilt to spice up the fear). The public sphere…


SUPREME COURT: Climate cases may see ripple effect from Superfund battle

A Supreme Court showdown over environmental cleanups could make waves in the growing pool of legal actions by cities and states to get Big Oil to pay for the costs of climate change impacts within their borders.


With climate change, Washington may have entered era of more blockbuster snowstorms but less snow overall – Washington Post

A largely deserted Connecticut Avenue around Dupont Circle during the beginning of the Snowzilla storm on Jan. 22, 2016, in Washington. (Craig Hudson for The Washington Post/For The Washington Post) Andrew Freedman Editor focusing on extreme weather, climate change, science…