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News about Climate Change and our Planet

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Twenty-five trailblazing women leading the fight against climate change – Reuters

March 7 – With so many extraordinary women engaged in the battle against climate change, the biggest task in compiling Reuters Impact’s list of trailblazing women for International Women’s Day was whittling down our long list to only 25. We…

Clarified: Which technologies will help us fight climate change? – KCRA Sacramento

using the strength of the sun is raised to supply energy grids, powering airplanes with plants and waste, creating *** source of near limitless energy that mimics the stars in the sky. These all might sound like science fiction concepts…

These Guys Make Edible Cement From Food Waste – And You Can Literally Add it to Your Gingerbread House

A pair of Japanese researchers have launched a startup that turns food waste into cement with 4-times better bending resistance. The potential applications are endless, and as well as being potential building material, the cement can produce any kind of simple object like tea cups or chairs; but it’s also edible, and aromatic, and biodegradable. […]

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Minister outlines major update to Australian environmental laws and the EPBC Act by end of 2023

Photo: Tanya Plibesek speech Australia: Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek announces formal response to the Independent Review of Australia’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.   “At the heart of our reform is a conceptual shift. When we reform our environmental…

Australia and Negotiations for a Global Plastics Treaty and reduce plastic pollution in the marine environment

Photo by IISD/ENB The final resolution at the United Nations Environment Assembly 21 February – 4 March 2022 was to develop a Global Plastics Treaty and to set up an Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to develop an internationally legally binding instrument…


Halloween Candy Wrappers Are Hard to Recycle!

An estimated 600 million pounds of Halloween candy was handed out on October 31st. Each miniature or full-size candy is individually wrapped in a plastic wrapper. While that small wrapper may seem insignificant to you, add them all up. 600 million candy wrappers, plus the plastic bags they come in and the plastic bags some […]


What’s All the Buzz About Pyrolysis for Recycling Plastic?

There’s been a lot of talk about pyrolysis being the solution to the plastics recycling problem. Is this method the solution that some experts believe it will be? What is all the buzz about?There are Problems With Plastics RecyclingBefore you even get into the purpose of pyrolysis, you have to look at the current problems […]

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