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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


‘Every action matters’: Episcopal delegation recaps participation in COP27 climate summit – Episcopal News Service

California Bishop Marc Andrus speaks in a Nov. 30 webinar about the Episcopal engagement with the COP27 climate summit. [Episcopal News Service] United Nations member states ended the recent COP27 climate summit with an agreement to offer financial assistance to…

Location of St. Nicholas Tomb Discovered–the Inspiration For Santa Claus Who Left Gifts Inside Shoes and Helped the Poor

The exact location of the tomb of the Roman-era saint who inspired the gift-giving of Santa Claus has been uncovered by archeologists in the town of Myra in southern Turkey. Saint Nicholas (‘Santa’ is Italian for saint) was an early Christian bishop of Greek descent who was beloved for his legendary habit of secret gift-giving. […]

The post Location of St. Nicholas Tomb Discovered–the Inspiration For Santa Claus Who Left Gifts Inside Shoes and Helped the Poor appeared first on Good News Network.

DeSantis and other Florida Republicans face a climate change quandary – Yahoo Philippines News

In 2018, when then-Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., was running for governor of Florida, he proudly distanced himself from the science of climate change. “I am not in the pews of the church of the global warming leftists,” he said while…

Thank Goodness Global Warming Alarmists Don’t Live Their Religion – RealClearMarkets

The light came on at roughly midnight, at which time Ms. Tutunjian “said a prayer of thanks and got up quickly.” Why was she getting up when most would be going to sleep? According to New York Times reporter Raja…

Climate change and the future of mountain ultramarathons – Los Angeles Times

It’s wretchedly hot in Los Angeles, but things could be worse. In fact, things were worse two Labor Day weekends ago, when part of L.A. County reached a record 121 degrees. We probably won’t hit that mark during this heat…

National Association of Evangelicals joins call for attention to climate change – Baptist News Global

A newly released report on faith and the environment comes from an unlikely source — the National Association of Evangelicals. While many evangelical Christians are known as deniers of climate change science and boosters of fossil-fuel energy — a known…

Doug Mastriano’s comments on Islam and climate change resurface, the latest hit for his campaign – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Doug Mastriano is trying to appeal to a wider audience. He wants to steer the conversation toward inflation, taxes, parental rights, energy independence, and crime. But with less than three months remaining before Election Day, Mastriano continues to be haunted…

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