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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


The Dirty Truth About China’s Secret Energy Strategy

The billowing clouds of steam and smoke are visible from miles away. As night falls and the lights turn the sky neon bright as far as the eye can see, the chimneys keep remorselessly pumping out their toxic fumes. This…

The Coming ‘Climate Crisis’ Shakedown At COP26

“Follow the money!” The old maxim is always sound advice when assessing the motives of those advancing bold agendas for the benefit of mankind. Invariably, the newest progressive idea entails a transfer of wealth from the taxpaying classes of Western…

Supernova That Stunned Stargazers In The Year 1181 Has Finally Been Found – And It’s A ‘Zombie’ Star

The Chinese have a long, ancient history of recording “guest stars”—suddenly bright stars that appear in the sky for a while but then dim and disappear. Today we know these are rare, incredibly energetic supernova explosions from either massive stars or special, interacting binary systems that seed the Galaxy with heavy elements like iron and […]

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Politicians speaking at UNGA say global warming making the world more violent, less safe – Firstpost

The Associated PressSep 24, 2021 12:36:30 IST Using apocalyptic images, three presidents and seven foreign ministers warned Thursday that a warmer world is also a more violent one. At a ministerial meeting of the Security Council, the officials urged the…

U.N. Climate Conference President On ‘Last Best Chance’ To Combat Global Warming – NPR

NPR’s Ari Shapiro speaks with Alok Sharma, president of the United Nations climate change conference COP 26, which is set to take place in Glasgow after being postponed a year. ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: Can one global summit change the fate…

China, US unveil separate major steps to fight climate change – RFI English

Issued on: 22/09/2021 – 15:46 Two of the biggest economies and largest carbon polluters in the world announced separate financial attacks on climate change Tuesday. Advertising Read more Chinese President Xi Jinping said his country will no longer fund coal-fired…

Your letters: America under attack by global warming –

Dear editor, Imagine for a moment America has undergone an attack from a foreign nation. Incendiary bombs have been dropped on the West Coast. Fires rage out of control. Over 80 people were killed in one town as it burned…

Power Mad: UK Energy Crisis A Mere Harbinger Of A Candle-Lit Future

Had it not been so exceptionally calm in the run-up to this autumn equinox, one could call the energy crisis a perfect storm. Wind farms stand idle for days on end, a fire interrupts a vital cable from France, a…

Opinion | The goals we’ve set aren’t enough to stave off global warming. It’s past time to get real. – The Washington Post

As the most powerful Chinese leader since Chairman Mao Zedong, Xi has more to say about the earth’s environmental future than any other individual. It is true that U.S. carbon emissions per capita are still much higher than China’s, but…

Chinese City Builds ‘Food Court’ for Elephants to Satisfy Future Migrating Herds

In order to cut back on the conflicts between humans and elephants, Chinese wildlife authorities have constructed a massive “food court” along established elephant migratory routes. Stocked with five salty ponds, and many different kinds of plants that can satisfy their dietary needs, the elephant food court of Jinghong Nature Reserve spans 670,000 square meters, […]

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