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News about Climate Change and our Planet


What about renting a Christmas tree this year?

Would you rent a live Christmas tree instead of buying one that had already been chopped down? Cut trees are currently the most popular Christmas choice in the country. At least 33 million Christmas trees are grown, cut down and…

Why Scientists Never Pay A Price For Their Supremely Bad Forecasts

You can read the full version of this 10-year-old news story on the website of Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper by clicking here. Disastrous global warming didn’t happen five years ago, in 2014. It isn’t happening today, either. Yet Penny Sackett…

NASA analyzes Kammuri’s heavy rainfall    

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) NASA provided analyses of Typhoon Kammuri’s heavy rainfall on its track through the Northwestern Pacific Ocean using the Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite.

Europe’s Move Toward Ecological Tyranny Emerging Rapidly

Claims of an escalating climate crisis are getting ever shriller in Europe and calls for “real and radical action” are becoming increasingly urgent. Leaders are now labeling their own citizens “ecological vandals” and openly demanding they be brought under tight control…

Inside ITER — the giant fusion reactor

(Springer) Most of the energy we consume is provided by fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal, which are major contributors to our current climate crisis. As the demand for energy continues to grow in almost every country in the world, we urgently need to find new power sources that are safe and environmentally friendly. Could hydrogen fusion be the answer?

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Hit a Record in 2019, Even as Coal Fades – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — Emissions of planet-warming carbon dioxide from fossil fuels hit a record high in 2019, researchers said Tuesday, putting countries farther off course from their goal of halting global warming. The new data contained glimmers of good news: Worldwide, industrial…

WWZ: John Kerry Unveils Star-Studded Climate League Of Doom

If the left’s ongoing conniptions on climate change haven’t proven hysterical enough, former Secretary of State John Kerry (D) decided to launch a bipartisan “World War Zero” coalition on climate change. Some of the big names headlining “World War Zero”…