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News about Climate Change and our Planet


UNFCCC closes the door literally on civil society demanding climate justice at COP25

Multiple civil society organisations including indigenous and environmental groups co-ordinated a protest outside the main Plenary – Baker Room this afternoon, to protest the lack of action during this COP on multiple fronts, and the continuing attack on the space…

A Danish artist hid these recycled giants in the woods for you to find

Danish artist Thomas Dambo makes his work from materials found in dumpsters and elsewhere around the city. Because his famous creations are often gargantuan, he and his team have to hunt for hundreds of discarded wooden pallets, old fences and…

Today’s volcano in New Zealand is on the Pacific Ring of Fire

Here’s information about New Zealand’s White Island volcano – which erupted earlier today – in the context of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Background on the volcano and why these volcanoes erupt.

Greta Thunberg highlights frontline and indigenous climate stories at COP25

At the UN Climate Conference today Greta Thunberg made only a short introductory speech at the Fridays for Future press conference, and used the occasion for young people and indigenous youth from around the world to tell their frontline stories…

Huge climate march in Madrid calls for action from COP25 as world faces climate emergency

Madrid turned out on mass to send a message to the delegates in the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 at Feria de Madrid on Friday night. Organisers estimated 500,000 people. whether this number is accurate is irrelevant, the crowds were…

Orion’s Belt and the Celestial Bridge

To the Aymara – indigenous people in the Andes and Altiplano regions of South America – the famous sky feature we know as Orion’s Belt is seen as a Celestial Bridge between the sky’s Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

This white dwarf star has a giant, evaporating planet

White dwarf stars are typically more or less Earth-sized. The planet orbiting white dwarf WDJ0914+1914 appears to be at least twice as big as its star! High intensity radiation from its star is causing this planet to evaporate. Will the same thing happen in our solar system someday?

Green Policies Are Turning Chile Into Venezuela

The most important thing – indeed the only thing – you need to know about the U.N.’s latest climate circus, COP25, is that it was originally going to be staged in Santiago, Chile. Why is this fact so important? Because…