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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


‘Greenflation’ threatens to derail climate change action – Financial Times

Commodities updates Sign up to myFT Daily Digest to be the first to know about Commodities news. The writer, Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s chief global strategist, is author of ‘The Ten Rules of Successful Nations’ The world faces a growing…

Biden Says Domestic Terrorism Is Top Threat, Nominates Domestic Terrorist To Run Agency

From early on, the Biden administration has urged the need to combat “domestic terrorism” and touted a high standard of “ethics.” Joe Biden shot gaping holes in the sincerity and credibility of both goals when he nominated an ethically compromised…

Sixty years of climate change warnings: the signs that were missed (and ignored) – The Guardian

In August 1974, the CIA produced a study on “climatological research as it pertains to intelligence problems”. The diagnosis was dramatic. It warned of the emergence of a new era of weird weather, leading to political unrest and mass migration…

Scientists resurrect ‘forgotten’ genus of algae living in marine animals

(Penn State) resurrected the genus Philozoon by using modern technologies to thoroughly characterize two of the species of algae that biologist Patrick Geddes had investigated in the mid-to-late 19th century, along with six new related ones.

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