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What ailments does medical marijuana help?

People talk a lot these days about medical marijuana. On the most recent count, 33 states plus Washington, D.C., have enacted laws to legalize medical marijuana. Cannabis as a health treatment is lauded for illnesses ranging from cancer to migraines,…

Italy: Post-Salvini Leftist Govt. Makes Climate Change Studies Mandatory

Italian Education Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti [pictured] has announced that Italy will be the first country in the world to make the study of climate change mandatory in public schools. Fioramonti made the announcement during a culture committee of the Italian Senate…

Village in India Plants 111 Trees Whenever a Girl is Born – Watch the New Video

Typically in Asian cultures, the birth of a girl is considered an unfortunate responsibility because of the dowry system that puts a financial burden on the parents. For this reason, daughters were never as celebrated as sons. But in one village in India, the residents honor the birth of a daughter with a unique ritual […]

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A Tribute To Paradoxes

One of the most dramatic paradoxes relates to climate change: we tell our children we love them and while doing so, we actively decide to live a life that loads their future with unprecedented tragedy, pain, and destruction. 

Why quitting the Paris climate deal is a bad idea

The Trump administration has officially notified the United Nations that it will withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, a landmark international climate change deal reached in 2015. The move is slated to take effect on Nov. 4, 2020. This…


Researchers estimate 17% of food-allergic children have sesame allergy

Investigators have found that sesame allergy is common among children with other food allergies, occurring in an estimated 17% of this population. In addition, the scientists have found that sesame antibody testing — whose utility has been controversial — accurately predicts whether a child with food allergy is allergic to sesame.


Gut microbiome of premature babies is associated with stunted growth

Researchers studied the gut microbiomes of dozens of NICU babies and followed them until they turned age four. They found the children became not only too short for their age, but too heavy for their height.

Why you should talk to your plants

It’s never been a better time to be a Plant Parent. There are Instagram handles devoted to houseplant trends, designer watering cans, custom plant delivery services, moisture sensing kits, and now — bedtime stories for plants. This new book for…