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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


With Alarmists, The End Is Always Nigh

Typically for my generation, I woke repeatedly as a kid with my pajamas soaked in sweat because I’d had yet another nightmare about nuclear war. While I rarely dream about mushroom clouds anymore, a dark cloud of one shape or…

Climate change hits home for Latinos – Axios

Latinos in the fight against climate change will gather this week during a virtual summit highlighting the community’s growing environmental activism. The big picture: Climate change and pollution have outsized impacts on communities of color in the U.S. Unsafe water…

One Of The World’s Richest Countries Is Becoming Hotter And Unlivable – NDTV

Kuwait, by contrast, pledged at COP26 summit in November to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 7.4% by 2035 Trying to catch a bus at the Maliya station in Kuwait City can be unbearable in the summer. About two-thirds of the city’s…

Warming Trends: Americans’ Alarm Grows About Climate Change, a Plant-Based Diet Packs a Double Carbon Wha… – InsideClimate News

CULTURE The Growing Alarm About Climate Change The number of Americans alarmed about global warming now outnumbers Americans who are dismissive of it three to one. That’s according to a twice-yearly public opinion polling by the Yale Program on Climate…

Outrage Over Extinction Rebellion Perps Being Cleared For Blocking Railway

MPs today blasted an ‘outrageous’ decision by a jury to unanimously clear three Extinction Rebellion activists of obstructing the railway on a Docklands Light Railway train – after the group claimed their actions were justified by their Christian faith and…


World’s poorest bear brunt of climate crisis: 10 underreported emergencies

From Afghanistan to Ethiopia, about 235 million people worldwide needed assistance in 2021. But while some crises received global attention, others are lesser known. Humanitarian organisation Care International has published its annual report of the 10 countries that had the…

Why Cats Love to Sit in Boxes – Even Fake Ones, According to Science

Most millennial cat owners will be familiar with the phrase “If I fits, I sits,” used so often to caption delightful online images of cats attempting to squeeze into a box, drawer, bag, bowl, or other container. But if no such object were there, would cats still try to inhabit, say, inside a picture of […]

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Global Warming Crisis! Kunal Das Is On A Mission To Educate About Climate Change – The Logical Indian

Twenty-year-old Kunal Das from Kolkata has a mission in life: To educate the community, especially children and adolescents, on the impact of climate crisis. In addition to raising awareness on global warming, he has undertaken plantation drives in his neighbourhood….

Warming Trends: Climate Threats to Bears, Bugs and Bees, Plus a Giant Kite and an ER Surge – InsideClimate News

SCIENCE A Slower Freeze Pushes Polar Bears Close to Starvation The Hudson Bay in northern Canada froze up later than normal this year, delaying polar bears’ hunting season by two to three weeks, a nonprofit polar bear conservation organization found. …

Study: Human Exposure To 20K PPM CO2 Has No Effect On Cognition, Health

An observational assessment undermines claims that elevated CO2 levels are harmful to humans. Every year there are several papers published attempting to establish CO2 as a pollutant in indoor settings. This has likely served to scare people [so they regard]…

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