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News about Climate Change and our Planet


As Himalayas Warm, Nepal’s Climate Migrants Struggle to Survive – The New York Times

DHYE, Nepal — High in the Himalayas, on a rugged plateau dotted with empty mud huts, an exodus has begun. In the village of Dhye, crops are stubby, dead stalks. Water is scarce. The only school closed a few years…

How might climate change affect the spread of viruses? – Medical News Today

Predicting how future climate change will influence the spread of viral infections is fraught with difficulty. This is due to the complexity of interactions between climate, nature, and human activity. But annual fluctuations in some viral infections, such as seasonal…

Global warming could devastate Mexican fisheries, study finds – Yale Climate Connections

(Photo credit: David Ludwig / Wikimedia) In Mexico, the fishing industry provides jobs for more than 2 million people. But as ocean waters warm, that industry could suffer. “So this is a worrying trend,” says Laura Rodriguez of the Environmental…


Assessing the global problem of poor sanitation

Experts are investigating a better way of measuring the number of people exposed to the health risks of poorly-managed sanitation systems – and it will help reveal whether the world is on track to deliver UN Sustainable Goal 6 (SDG6).

Teeth serve as ‘archive of life,’ new research finds

(New York University) Teeth constitute a permanent and faithful biological archive of the entirety of the individual’s life, from tooth formation to death, a team of researchers has found. Its work provides new evidence of the impact that events, such as reproduction and imprisonment, have on an organism.

Photo project captures togetherness, even as coronavirus keeps us apart

Most of us are spending more quality time in the house with our families and pets than we ever have before. It’s a rare time of togetherness, even as social distancing for COVID-19 keeps us apart from everyone else. Why…

Coronavirus kicks global warming off the public agenda – The Times of Israel

The worldwide occupation with coronavirus is pushing another looming disaster — global warming — off the public agenda. The media is reporting little other than COVID-19-related news, and the United Nations has canceled a swath of climate change related meetings….

Coronavirus pandemic creates an opportunity for penguins at zoos and aquariums

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is wreaking havoc around the world, forcing millions of people to shelter at home (including many with young children, like the 2-year-old roaring outside the door as I write this). For a few penguins at…

Viruses expected to increase with global warming – expert – The Times of Israel

Viruses can be expected to increase with global warming as humans and wild animals are forced into closer contact, a leading Israeli epidemiologist said Monday, as the world battled a pandemic that seemed potentially more dangerous than any other infectious…