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Carpet weavers of Himachal Pradesh an unusual casualty of global warming – Livemint

KANGRA: You will not find anyone here, they left last month,” said Ramesh Chand about other shepherds in his mountain village. At 49, Chand is among a handful of men left in Kareri, near the town of Dharamshala in Himachal…

10 reasons making music is good for your brain

Turns out Mom and Dad were right: those piano lessons and the endless hours in school band practice were good for you. From making you smarter, to diminishing the effects of brain aging, to improving emotional stability, it seems that…

Terrorizing Children With Scary Climate Stories A Loathsome Deceit

Nancy Pelosi shamelessly accuses President Trump of “scaring the children” with talk of deporting illegal migrants who have committed crimes, received due process, and evaded deportation orders. Pelosi is infamous for using children as pawns in her gutter politics. Her…

New therapy targets gut bacteria to prevent and reverse food allergies

A new study identifies the species of bacteria in the human infant gut that protect against food allergies, finding changes associated with the development of food allergies and an altered immune response.

Will children really grow horns from too much phone use?

If you don’t put that phone down, you’ll grow horns. That’s the kind of warning you might expect from parents looking to frighten kids into more fruitful pursuits. It’s a reminder, perhaps of their own childhood when a line like,…


With its links to BP, I can’t stay in the Royal Shakespeare Company | Mark Rylance

As a teenager, disenchanted with religion, I turned to Shakespeare for ethical guidance. I was inspired by the work of the Royal Shakespeare Company. It represented the ultimate company of conscious artists, speaking and playing Shakespeare with humour and insight….