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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Researchers Develop Water Treatment that Zaps ‘Forever Chemicals’ for Good

There’s been a lot of talk recently about so-called “forever chemicals” and how our society can use new technologies to remove these old toxins from the water and soils of our world. A new solution from the Univ. of British Columbia can both filter out and then destroy these forever chemicals, purifying water resources cheaply […]

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More Efficient Way to Suck Up CO2 From Air By Storing it in Baking Soda and Water

A new study shows that methods of sucking up atmospheric air and filtering out the CO2 can be improved by adding copper to the filter material, potentially opening up the technology to dozens more uses that could produce a meaningful difference in the fight against climate change. The addition of copper also converts the captured […]

The post More Efficient Way to Suck Up CO2 From Air By Storing it in Baking Soda and Water appeared first on Good News Network.

My Cyclone Diary: after the flood, the dread that replaces panic

It is difficult to record historical events that will in time determine policy decisions and economic outcomes, and the lives of those affected, while events are still unfolding. There are the quick impressions – men wrestling escaped bees on a…

Why Saving the Whales Means Saving Ourselves – InsideClimate News

In 2016, disturbing footage captured on a sunny beach in Argentina went viral. The video appeared in news outlets around the world under variations of a disquieting headline: “Baby dolphin dies after a mob of tourists pass it around to…

The 50 States of Climate Change – Outside Online – Outside

Since the 1700s, the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere has increased by 40 percent, largely from greenhouse gasses released by people burning fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal. As a result, the climate is becoming more…

Texas youth organizers take aim at the biggest oil field in the world

A first-of-its-kind municipal climate charter in Texas could throw a wrench in US fossil fuel extraction. Residents of a major Texas city just west of the Permian Basin, the largest oil field in the US, will have the chance to…

Housing solutions are climate solutions – The Seattle Times

I have news for my fellow card-carrying climate advocates in Washington: If you are standing in the way of policies that allow more homes in our cities, it’s time to turn in your environmentalist bona fides.   Seriously. If you’re blocking…

Climate change: New idea for sucking up CO2 from air shows promise – BBC

Getty Images By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent A new way of sucking carbon dioxide from the air and storing it in the sea has been outlined by scientists. The authors say that this novel approach captures CO2 from the atmosphere…

Huge carbon footprint of chemicals in UK household products revealed

Chemicals used in everyday household items from washing-up liquid to laundry tablets are a huge hidden source of carbon emissions, according to a report. The thinktank Green Alliance is calling on UK ministers to lead a green revolution in chemical…

Revealed: cabinet ministers warned of legal action over UK’s failure to tackle climate crisis

Cabinet ministers have been warned by senior civil servants that they face court action because of their catastrophic failure to develop policies for tackling climate change, according to secret documents obtained by the Observer. The leaked briefings from senior mandarins…

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