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Geologist Examines 10,800-Year-Old Tree Trunk Found Under Alps’ Glacier

Previously hidden under a Swiss glacier, a 10,800-year old tree trunk was discovered and tells us the Alps were much warmer in the early Holocene than today. Online SRF Swiss Broadcasting recently reported on a fascinating find in the Swiss…


Biden to ‘hit ground running’ as he rejoins Paris climate accords

Joe Biden is set for a flurry of action to combat the climate crisis on his first day as US president by immediately rejoining the Paris climate agreement and blocking the Keystone XL pipeline, although experts have warned lengthier, and…

Spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2 relatives can evolve against immune responses

(eLife ) Scientists have shown that two species of seasonal human coronavirus related to SARS-CoV-2 can evolve in certain proteins to escape recognition by the immune system, according to a study published today in eLife.


Research finds tiny bubbles tell tales of big volcanic eruptions

(Rice University) Microscopic bubbles can tell stories about Earth’s biggest volcanic eruptions and geoscientists from Rice University and the University of Texas at Austin have discovered some of those stories are written in nanoparticles.


Human activity is responsible for nearly all global warming, new research says – SBS News

Virtually all global warming since the industrial era is caused by manmade emissions, according to research published Monday that concludes Earth’s natural processes contribute only “negligibly” to climate change.  Near-surface air temperatures have increased on average around the world just over one…


Dems Shift Focus To Climate Boondoggles: ‘Thinking In Very Ambitious Terms’

Democrat lawmakers plan to use their status as the majority party in both the House and Senate to focus on climate-related issues, a top priority of the party’s far-left members, admitting that they are now thinking in “very ambitious terms.”…

Ginkgo Trees Were Going Extinct on Their Own; Then Humans Saved These ‘Living Fossils’ So They’re Now Everywhere

Lining the streets of many American city suburbs are living fossils, which unlike many stories of man’s interaction with nature, involves nature as the destroyer, and mankind, the savior. While some people take ginkgo leaf as a nootropic supplement, few people would imagine it’s the equivalent of eating a horseshoe crab, that is to say it’s […]

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A new archaeology for the Anthropocene era

Scantily clad tomb raiders and cloistered scholars piecing together old pots — these are the kinds of stereotypes of archaeology that dominate public perception. Yet archaeology in the new millennium is a world away from these images. In a major new report, researchers probe a thoroughly modern and scientific discipline to understand how it is helping to address the considerable challenges of the Anthropocene.


Low-carbon policies can be ‘balanced’ to benefit small firms and average households

A review of ten types of policy used to reduce carbon suggests that some costs fall on those less able to bear them – but it also shows these policies can form the bedrock of a ‘green recovery’ if specifically designed and used in tandem.


The biggest Coalition conspiracy theory is climate change denial | Greg Jericho

Nasa announced this week that 2020 – a year which included a La Niña event normally associated with lower temperatures – was the hottest year on record. It was also the week in which the Morrison government used racist tropes…