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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet

Central America

Three degrees of global warming is quite plausible and truly disastrous – The Economist

Jul 24th 2021 BY THE STANDARDS of the 21st century as a whole, 2021 will almost certainly go down as a comparatively cool year. By the standards of the rest of human history its weather looks disconcertingly like hell. Listen…

How Is Climate Change Impacting Coffee? – Sprudge

There is perhaps no greater existential threat to coffee—and the world at large—than climate change. Though its mere existence has become inexplicable political fodder, the fact remains that climate change is real and humans have played a significant role in…

Salamanders have a secret to survive drought, heat waves, and climate change –

This story is part of Down to Earth, a Vox reporting initiative on the science, politics, and economics of the biodiversity crisis. A decade ago, a team of salamander researchers made a dire prediction: that climate change would make much…

Guatemala Prez Chastises Kamala For Blaming Border Crisis On Climate Change

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris created diplomatic tension yesterday during a trip to Guatemala by claiming global warming is breaking up Guatemalan families and causing the illegal immigration crisis at the U.S. southern border, earning herself a stern rebuke from…

As Climate Change Makes Storm Relief Work ‘Harder And Harder,’ NGOs Try To Get Ahead Of Curve – WLRN

Tuesday is the start of hurricane season — and a big reminder, say disaster aid organizations, that last year left little doubt climate change has made hurricanes stronger and stronger hurricanes more frequent. Groups like South Florida’s Food for the…

Colorado School of Public Health receives grant to address kidney disease among women in Guatemala

(University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus) The three-year K01 grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences will provides support to examine the environmental determinants of kidney injury in female sugarcane workers and female community members in Guatemala. The new study is part of CHWE’s efforts to identify and prevent exposures that may contribute to the epidemic of chronic kidney disease of unknown origin (CKDu) in Central America.

Greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions are lengthening and intensifying droughts

(University of California – Irvine) Greenhouse gases and aerosol pollution emitted by human activities are responsible for increases in the frequency, intensity and duration of droughts around the world, according to a new Nature Communications study by researchers at the University of California, Irvine.

Global Warming, Development Could Bring Vampire Bats to Florida – WMFE

Vampire bats could soon make their way into the United States from Mexico due to climate change and development, scientists say. The possibility of a migration is concerning federal agriculture officials because the bats like to feast on the blood…

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