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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Opinion | Florida. Arizona. Climate Change Is Coming for Home Values. – The New York Times

If you don’t think you’ve been affected by global warming, take a closer look at your last homeowners’ insurance bill: The average cost of coverage has reached $1,900 a year nationwide, but it’s $4,000 a year in New Orleans and…

How Climate Change Will Reshape Where Americans Live – FiveThirtyEight

For decades, Americans have been moving south and west. That migration pattern become apparent in American politics, when seven congressional districts moved states after the 2020 census, and it continues to be visible in the booming construction and job markets…

Worcester combats ‘urban heat islands’ with master plan draft – Worcester Telegram

WORCESTER – Will Worcester neighborhoods suffering with the hottest temperatures get their fair share of trees to not only cool things off but also help fight off the negative effects of climate change?  It’s a question to consider as the city…

California’s Green Energy Mandates Sending Electricity Rates Even Higher

Last week, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District approved new regulations that will ban the use of residential and commercial natural gas-fired water heaters and furnaces in 2027. The regulation, which only applies to new appliances, prohibits residents in…

Activists Slam Biden Administration for Reversing Climate and Equity Guidance on Highway Expansions – InsideClimate News

Environmental justice activists are chastising the Biden administration’s recent decision to rescind federal guidance that urged states to consider climate change and equity when tapping the $110 billion in federal infrastructure money that’s coming their way for roads, bridges and…

She Reunites Families with Lost Heirlooms for Free–Returning Over 500 Items to Thrilled Relatives

Chelsey Brown likes to trawl flea markets and thrift shops for interesting items, but not for decorations or collections. As an amateur genealogist, she enjoys tracking down the owners or the descendants of the owners and reuniting them with their lost heirlooms. The Manhattan interior designer claims to have returned more than 500 objects to […]

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Meteorologist: Climate Change Won’t Drive Future US Hurricane Damage Losses

An article in Axios, written by Andrew Freedman, claims increased hurricane winds due to rising temperatures driven by increasing carbon dioxide concentrations may result in more hurricane damage losses along the US East Coast, Florida Coasts, and the Gulf Coast….

Opinion: How Mexico’s Indigenous communities fight climate change – Los Angeles Times

Mexico’s Indigenous communities are on the front lines of ecological preservation. Many still live on their ancestral lands and struggle against development projects that would destroy some of the world’s most precious ecosystems that they call home. Their resistance has…

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