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How global warming might affect food security – The Hindu

Between the year 1870 (the first industrial revolution) and today, the global temperature has risen by almost 2 degrees Celsius. This has come about due to more fossil burning (oil, natural gas, coal), which has also increased the carbon dioxide…

Global warming, fires, and crime in Mexico and beyond – Brookings Institution

When a brush fire erupted near Tijuana in early September, a large part of the North American western coast was either on fire or at high risk of fire. The dramatic fire belt stretched from Canada to northern Mexico. Although…

Australian Scientists Create Seaweed Supplement for Cows that Reduces Methane Emissions by 80%

An Australian company has produced a seaweed-based dietary supplement for dairy and beef cows that eliminates 80% of the methane content emitted by the animals. If only 10% of global cattle herds consumed the supplement, created by FutureFeed Ltd, it would be the same as taking 50 million cars off the roadways. Trialled for efficacy […]

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Sugar promotes sperm longevity in pig reproductive tract

For many livestock species, artificial insemination (AI) is standard. But it can be tricky to achieve success the first time, thanks to variability in ovulation timing across the herd. A new study identifies a naturally occurring sugar that slows the maturation of sperm in pigs, opening up the possibility of extending sperm storage time within the female reproductive tract and increasing the chances of successful fertilization through AI.


Gene-edited livestock ‘surrogate sires’ successfully made fertile

For the first time, scientists have created pigs, goats and cattle that can serve as viable ‘surrogate sires,’ male animals that produce sperm carrying only the genetic traits of donor animals. The advance could speed the spread of desirable characteristics in livestock and improve food production for a growing global population.

Global warming threatens soil phosphorus, says a soil scientist from RUDN University – EurekAlert

IMAGE: A soil scientist from RUDN University found out that the resources of organic phosphorus in the soils of the Tibetan Plateau could be depleted because of global warming. To do… view more  Credit: RUDN University A soil scientist from RUDN…

BlackRock silent on livestock in latest global warming policy –

In July, BlackRock, the world’s largest investment fund manager, said it would take concrete action against at least 53 companies for their inaction regarding global warming and place 191 others under observation. But the announcement left out one of the…

Study reveals lactose tolerance happened quickly in Europe

(Stony Brook University) A new study published in Current Biology reveals that the ability for humans to digest milk (lactase persistence) spread through Central Europe quickly in evolutionary terms.