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Care for cats? So did people along the Silk Road more than 1,000 years ago

Common domestic cats, as we know them today, might have accompanied Kazakh pastoralists as pets more than 1,000 years ago. This is indicated by new analyses done on an almost complete cat skeleton found during an excavation along the former Silk Road in southern Kazakhstan. An international research team has reconstructed the cat’s life, revealing astonishing insights into the relationship between humans and pets at the time.

Our animal inheritance: Humans perk up their ears, too, when they hear interesting sounds

(Saarland University) Many animals move their ears to better focus their attention on a novel sound. That humans also have this capability was not known until now. A research team now has demonstrated that we make minute, unconscious movements of our ears that are directed towards the sound want to focus our attention on. The team discovered this ability by measuring electrical signals in the muscles of the vestigial motor system in the human ear. The results have now been published in the journal ‘eLife’.

Enviros Fear Dems’ New Climate Plan Will Kill Endangered Species

Congressional Democrats today unveil a “Climate Crisis Action Plan” similar to the Green New Deal proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last year, which sounded like a dream to many progressives and climate activists. At the heart of the proposal are…


Walk Miles and Miles to Halt Global Warming – IDN InDepthNews | Analysis That Matters

Viewpoint by Jonathan Power Long before the Coronavirus and global warming, the great philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote:” Unhappy men would increase their happiness more by walking 6 miles every day than by any conceivable change in philosophy.” LUND, Sweden (IDN)…

What Happens When Cats Have Catnip? | Pets: Wild At Heart | BBC Earth

Cats after consuming catnip are a sight to behold – but have you ever wondered about the science behind their strange behaviour? Watch and learn.Subscribe: #CatsOnCatnip #PetsWildAtHeart #BBCEarth Watch more:Planet Earth Planet Earth II Dinosaur…

How the mouse conquered the house

(CNRS) A study, published in Scientific Reports on May 19, 2020, reconstructs the history of the biological invasion of the house mouse and reveals that the diffusion dates into Europe coincide with the first appearance of domestic cats on the continent.

Early Bird uses 10 times less energy to train deep neural networks

Engineers have found a way to train deep neural networks for a fraction of the energy required today. Their Early Bird method finds key network connectivity patterns early in training, reducing the computations and carbon footprint for training deep learning.

Why do cats sit in a taped square or circle?

[embedded content] Cats are quirky. There’s no question about it. We know they like to hide in boxes and knock things over. They are persnickety about their drinking preferences. But this kitty question involves a roll of tape. If you…