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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Fossil fuel firms should be charged with homicide for climate change deaths, legal experts argue – Euronews

Should fossil fuel companies face homicide charges for their contributions to climate change? That’s the question explored in a paper set to be published in the Harvard Environmental Law Review next year. Oil and gas companies have faced a wave…

New Research Shows Alignment Between American Voters On Climate Change And Inflation Reduction Act – Forbes

As much polarization as we see in the country today, including how some have made climate change a culture issue, it might be surprising to hear that most American voters are aligned on it and support new legislation to address…

‘Nature will punish you’: Asif Kapadia and Akram Khan on their climate crisis dance film

In the opening scene of Creature, a new film based on an English National Ballet production at Sadler’s Wells two years ago, a man appears out of nowhere, writhing, squirming, twitching. He is not in agony, but suffering from something…

Could space dust help protect the Earth from climate change? – Harvard Gazette

Casting a shadow According to the team, a sunshield’s overall effectiveness would depend on its ability to sustain an orbit that casts a shadow on Earth. Sameer Khan, Utah undergraduate student and study co-author, led the initial exploration into which…

The Ministry Of Climate Truth Strikes Again

The Christian God is said to know your every thought, word and deed (Matthew 5:21-37). In the new religion of climate change and Gaia worship, every word is identified by ‘intelligent’ computers, assessed for theological compliance, compiled into bite-sized ‘fact checks’…

Internet Sleuth Proves That 5 Historical Torture Devices Were Never Used – But Invented By Con Artists

(Note: Children or sensitive individuals should avoid this article.) Across Europe, it’s not uncommon to find museums of torture stocked with black cast iron pieces of the most unimaginable cruelty. However a clever internet snoop and aspiring historian Spencer McDaniel presents the case that several of the most famous torture devices were actually invented in […]

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