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NYS can achieve 2050 carbon goals with Earth’s help

By delving into scientific, technological, environmental and economic data, engineering researchers examined whether New York could achieve a statewide carbon-free economy by 2050. Their finding: Yes, New York can reach this goal – and do it with five years to spare.

Climate Experts Sound The Alarm On Biden’s $2 Trillion Climate Plan

President-elect Joe Biden has made addressing climate change one of his top priorities but climate experts Thursday said his proposed policies would lead to higher costs and no significant reduction in global temperatures. “It is very important to understand just…


Santa Justin Putting Lumps Of Coal In Every Canadian’s Stocking

Are there any so naïve who did not believe the Trudeau government would work to slyly entwine the protracted and immiserating COVID-19 crisis with its global warming obsession? Take advantage of a time when economic reality is at its bleakest,…

Hiking Canada’s Carbon Tax Will Send Fuel Prices Soaring

Canadians can’t afford to pay an extra $27 each time they fill up their minivans, but that’s what it will soon cost as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jacks up his carbon tax. The feds made the announcement Friday that they will hike…