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How to control global warming – Putman Media

A recent column dealt with the control of global warming and Pat Dixon, P.E, PMP, southwest region engineering manager ( brought up this logical question: „Why not just control the temperature by throttling the rate of CO2 emission?” To control…


TRANSPORTATION: Airbus says zero-carbon regional jet may arrive as soon as 2030s

Airbus SE could potentially build an emission-free, 100-seat regional aircraft by the early 2030s, as the aviation industry speeds its response to mounting concern over air travel’s carbon footprint, according to the head of the planemaker’s new-product development arm.


ACTIVISM: Thunberg hitches a wind- and solar-powered ride to Madrid

Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who boycotts air travel because of its outsized carbon footprint, announced yesterday that she will travel to the U.N. climate talks in Madrid on a low-emissions sailboat.

5 Reasons Scientists are Making the Case for Renewable Wood Energy and Forest Products

Could using more trees be part of the solution to climate change? The answer might just be yes, according to the United Nations and an increasing number of scientists. Renewable wood energy and other forest products are increasingly gaining notice…


How a change in inhalers can cut CO2

Millions of patients across the world use metered-dose inhalers (MDI) for asthma and other respiratory problems. The inhalers contain compressed gas hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) as a propellant to atomise and deliver medicine to the patient’s lungs. But HFA is a major…

Climate Activists: Cancel Thanksgiving To Save The Planet

The annual liberal dissertations on how to talk to conservative family members at Thanksgiving were obnoxious but this new lefty idea is a real turkey. HuffPost recommends forgoing Thanksgiving altogether to save the planet from global warming. Because traveling to…

Why Canada’s Federal Carbon Tax Won’t Reduce CO2 Emissions

Ottawa’s policy to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) is based on the conventional theory that a carbon tax imposed on items with a high content of carbon dioxide will raise the price or cost of those items. The higher price will…

Eco-Madness May Be Behind Tragic Boeing 737 MAX Safety Failures

When Swedish eco-pessimist Greta Thunberg came to New York to shout, “How dare you!” last month, she maintained her climate purity by traveling on a carbon-neutral, solar-powered yacht. Now that she’s in Canada, the teen doomsayer hasn’t explained how she’ll…