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School Bans Kids From Sending Christmas Cards Over Climate

A primary school headteacher has been branded a “grinch” after banning pupils from sending Christmas cards. Jonathan Mason, head of Belton Lane Primary School in Grantham, Lincolnshire, said the tradition was bad for the environment. However, parents said the move…

Climate Models Got It Right on Global Warming – Scientific American

There’s a favorite argument among doubters of mainstream climate science: Climate models overestimate the rate at which the Earth is warming. That claim surfaces time and again and is frequently based on single examples of uncertainty or cherry-picked data. Various…

Carbon emissions from volcanic rocks can create global warming — study

(University of Birmingham) Greenhouse gas emissions released directly from the movement of volcanic rocks are capable of creating massive global warming effects — a discovery which could transform the way scientists predict climate change, a new study reveals.


Outlook for the polar regions in a 2-degrees-warmer world

With 2019 on pace as one of the warmest years on record, a major new study reveals how rapidly the Arctic is warming and examines global consequences of continued polar warming. The study reports that the Arctic has warmed by 0.75 degrees C in the last decade alone.

New York City Says Yes To More Cargo Bikes, Fewer Delivery Trucks

UPS peddle electric cargo bikeNew York City is unveiling a new plan to allow pedal-electric delivery bikes to park in tow zone areas or on sidewalks and to use the city’s 1,400 miles of dedicated bike lanes in order to reduce carbon emissions and congestion.

‘Massive Attack’ on global warming – BusinessLine

Last fortnight the much-celebrated British trip-hop band, Massive Attack, announced that it had commissioned a study to map the carbon emissions caused by the live music industry in the West. Working in tandem with the UK-based Tyndall Centre for Climate…

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Hit a Record in 2019, Even as Coal Fades – The New York Times

WASHINGTON — Emissions of planet-warming carbon dioxide from fossil fuels hit a record high in 2019, researchers said Tuesday, putting countries farther off course from their goal of halting global warming. The new data contained glimmers of good news: Worldwide, industrial…

WWZ: John Kerry Unveils Star-Studded Climate League Of Doom

If the left’s ongoing conniptions on climate change haven’t proven hysterical enough, former Secretary of State John Kerry (D) decided to launch a bipartisan “World War Zero” coalition on climate change. Some of the big names headlining “World War Zero”…