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Changes in high-altitude winds over the South Pacific produce long-term effects

In the past million years, the high-altitude winds of the southern westerly wind belt, which spans nearly half the globe, didn’t behave as uniformly over the Southern Pacific as previously assumed. Instead, they varied cyclically over periods of ca. 21,000 years. A new study has now confirmed close ties between the climate of the mid and high latitudes and that of the tropics in the South Pacific.

The F-Word Finally Enters Climate Politics – Scientific American

In CNN’s recent climate crisis town hall, fossil fuels—and the industry that produces them—were mentioned 153 times. Julián Castro committed to banning oil and gas drilling on public lands. Andew Yang supported a ban on offshore oil drilling. Kamala Harris…

No party’s climate plan will avoid dangerous global warming levels – Policy Options

Modelling of the different party promises on climate change shows none of the plans would hit targets to avoid a 1.5°C increase in global warming. We’ve all heard that there are 12 years left to act to avoid a climate…

What climate change in the Arctic means for the rest of us – EarthSky

Image via Chase Dekker/shutterstock. By Richard Hodgkins, Loughborough University In the Arctic, a summer of heat, melting and fire was rounded off by news that 2019 saw the second-lowest ever minimum extent of sea ice. That’s the point in early…

What climate change in the Arctic means for the rest of us

Air temperatures in the Arctic are increasing at least twice as fast as the global average. What worries climate scientists about the Arctic summer of 2019? And why does it matter for the rest of the world?