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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Power move: Stacey Abrams’ next act is the electrification of the US

Stacey Abrams has been hailed as a masterly community organizer, after she helped turn out the voters that secured two Senate seats for Democrats in once solidly red Georgia. She has also run twice – unsuccessfully – for state governor….

Calif. Senate Passes Bill To Punish Oil Companies For High Pump Prices

A first-in-the-nation bill to punish oil companies for profiting from price spikes at the pump breezed through the California Senate on Thursday at the urging of Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, the first major vote in an effort to pass the…

German Govt In Crisis For Opposing EU Ban On Combustion Engines

A clash over climate protection measures is threatening to unravel Germany’s three-party governing alliance after the Green party accused its liberal coalition partners of gambling away the country’s reputation by blocking an EU-wide phase-out of internal combustion engines in cars….

Rep. Mark Higley: Why I proposed repealing the Global Warming Solutions Act – VTDigger

Commentaries are opinion pieces contributed by readers and newsmakers. VTDigger strives to publish a variety of views from a broad range of Vermonters. Commentaries give voice to community members and do not represent VTDigger’s views. To submit a commentary, follow…

Labor’s Net Zero ‘E-Bus’ Is Dead On Arrival

Nothing describes Net Zero better than Labor’s campaign ‘e-bus’ sitting dead on arrival in front of reporters after suffering a charging issue. You have to imagine the universe giving New South Wales Opposition Leader Chris Minns a cruel smirk as…

Switzerland Set to Roll Out Solar Panels Between Railway Tracks–A World First

Europe’s love of train travel is about to transform the continent’s solar energy production as the Swiss are set to begin installing solar panels in between train tracks. The startup called Sun-Ways is waiting for a sign-off from the Federal Office of Transport to start installing their panels between the tracks near Buttes Station in […]

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The Never-Ending Schemes Of The Climate Change Grifters

Grifters have long fascinated us. Operating outside accepted moral standards, they excel at persuading their “marks” to hand valuables over willingly. If they ever represented a “distinctly American ethos,” they’ve been supplanted by con artists seeking bank accounts for funds…

Why climate doomerism is wrong –

We environmentalists spend our lives thinking about ways the world will end. There’s nowhere that I see doomer culture more vocal than on my home turf. With leading activists like Roger Hallam, co-founder of the popular climate protest movement Extinction…

Insurers Junking EVs With Minor Damage, Hindering So-Called Climate Benefits

Insurers are being forced to write off many electric vehicles with only minor damage to battery packs, sending the batteries to scrap yards and hindering the climate benefits of going electric, Reuters reported. Battery packs typically represent roughly half the…

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