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How to have the best vacation ever this year

Ahhh, vacation. It can be a time to catch up on sleep, rebuild mental and emotional reserves, and remind remind yourself that there’s more to who you are than being a hard worker. It might feel frivolous, but it’s anything…

5 tips for sticking to your daily travel budget

I break my travel expenses down into two major categories: the things I pay for before traveling, such as airfare, lodging and car rentals, and the things I purchase each day while traveling, such as food, entertainment and souvenirs. I…

EV Rentals Made Easy: Drive A Tesla Model S, Jaguar iPace, Or Nissan Leaf On Your Next Trip

Renting a car can be a pain in the ass. We’ve all been there — waiting in line, filling out paperwork, only to find out that the car you’d reserved is unavailable and you’re suddenly stuck with a vehicle you didn’t want. For Aidan McClean, founder and CEO of UFODRIVE, it was a breaking point

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