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News about Climate Change and our Planet

Capitol Hill

Opinion | Joe Biden’s Monumental Environmental Gambit – The New York Times

It is hard to overstate the joy of the environmental community when Joe Biden ascended to the White House. In place of a man who called climate change a hoax, it got someone who saw global warming for the grave…

Northwest heat wave wilts new GOP climate resolve – POLITICO

For conservatives outside of government who are anxious to see some congressional action to combat climate change, it’s simply a sign that Republicans haven’t fully recognized the threat. “Conservatives are learning to think differently about climate change but they don’t…

Eco-Nutters, Dems Slam ‘Coward’ Biden For Climate Inaction At WH Protest

Progressive Democrats and environmental activists protested in front of the White House on Monday, demanding that President Biden jettison a bipartisan infrastructure bill in favor of a “bold” party-line package that devotes tens of billions of dollars to fighting climate…

Some Republicans Find Failure to Grapple With Climate Change a ‘Political Liability’ – The New York Times

The same week in Miami, a group of young Republicans carrying signs that read “This Is What an Environmentalist Looks Like,” held what was billed as the first rally for “conservative” climate action. On Capitol Hill, Kevin McCarthy, the House…


CONNECTICUT: Judge grills Exxon on venue claim in climate battle

A federal judge on Friday appeared skeptical of Exxon Mobil Corp.’s claims that the oil giant should be sued in federal court — not state court — for its alleged deception of Connecticut consumers about climate change.

John Kerry’s 45-Person Climate Staff Is Classic Hackerama, Federal Style

It was ridiculous enough that John Kerry was given that phony-baloney job title as “Special Presidential Envoy for Climate” by Dementia Joe Biden. But it’s gotten even more preposterous. According to House Republicans, America’s Gigolo now has been assigned a…

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