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Transforming atmospheric carbon into industrially useful materials

(Salk Institute) Plants are unparalleled in their ability to capture carbon from the air, but this benefit is temporary. Researchers have proposed a more permanent, and even useful, fate for this captured carbon by turning plants into a valuable industrial material called silicon carbide (SiC). A new study from Salk scientists quantifies this process with more detail than ever before.

Researchers Create CRISPR ‘On-Off Switch’ to Control Inherited Genetic Problems Without Changing DNA

Scientists have figured out how to modify the unrivaled gene-editing tool CRISPR to extend its reach to the epigenome, which controls how genes are switched on or off. The researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, and MIT’s non-profit Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and have already used the tool in the lab to […]

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Florida Inventors Hall of Fame announces 2021 inductees

(University of South Florida (USF Innovation)) Seven Florida Inventors whose discoveries are saving lives, transforming the environment, and creating new technologies are named as 2021 Inductees to the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame. Among them are Dean Kamen, often referred to as the modern Thomas Edison due to the scope of his trailblazing inventions, including the Segway®; and Mark Dean, who holds three patents for the original IBM PC and is co-inventor of the ISA bus which revolutionized modern computing.

US asbestos sites made risky by some remediation strategies

(Stanford University) Efforts to prevent human exposure to asbestos may be mobilizing the cancer-causing mineral so that it can reach water supplies, based on new findings about how the fibers move through soil.

Investments in climate change solutions will pay off for global health – STAT – STAT

World leaders, beckoned by President Biden, are assembling on Earth Day, April 22, to create greater urgency to fight climate change. The summit is taking place during the worst infectious disease pandemic in a century. World leaders need to pay…

Biden’s climate duo of Kerry and McCarthy puts U.S. back in global warming fight – CBS News

This story originally appeared at and is republished here as part of Covering Climate Now, a global journalism collaboration strengthening coverage of the climate story. An unlikely duo is steering President Joe Biden’s efforts to restore U.S. credibility on…

Literature Review: Synthetic Turf carbon footprint, environmental, health, microplastics and biodiversity impacts

Hosken Reserve: grass oval used for soccer training, informal reacreation, off-lead dog exercise (Photo by John Englart) Abstract:  The conversion of a grass oval to synthetic turf at Hosken Reserve, Coburg North, is about a failure in transparency and consultation…