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Ontario’s Green-Energy Disaster Doubled Power Prices, Fueled Backlash

A transition to renewables sent energy prices soaring, pushed thousands into poverty, and fueled a populist backlash. In February 2009, Ontario passed its Green Energy Act (GEA). It was signed a week after Obama’s Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act in…

Democrats, Once Again, Exploit The Disasters Their Policies Created

It’s amazing how disasters, both natural and unnatural, have the fingerprints of Democrats all over them. Political riots rage (euphemistically called “social justice demonstrations”) in Democratic cities during this election year as various headlines and articles not so subtly threaten…

Tesla May Buy Low-Carbon Nickel From Canada’s Giga Metals, Reuters Reports

It’s been reported in the past few days that Canadian miner Giga Metals may supply Tesla with low-carbon nickel, and that Tesla could even help with the development of a mine in some way (which could simply mean helping to finance the project)

The Folly Of Toronto’s Green Economics

Among the many items that stimulate curiosity about how public officials think, there was a small story out of Toronto concerning the city’s plans for a post-COVID green economy. It is a story that is also pertinent to the federal…


The widespread footprint of blue jean microfibers

With many people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, blue jeans are a more popular wardrobe choice than ever. But most people don’t think about microscopic remnants of their comfy jeans and other clothing that are shed during laundering. Now, researchers have detected indigo denim microfibers not only in wastewater effluent, but also in lakes and remote Arctic marine sediments.

Repeating fast radio burst woke up again on schedule. Now what?

FRB 121102 is one of the few known repeating fast radio bursts, and astronomers are trying to use this new period of activity to understand it better. Some predict the current active phase should end sometime between August 31 and September 9. Will it?

Canada renews support for UN University Institute in Hamilton addressing world water issues: $10M

(Terry Collins Assoc) Canada announces CDN$10 million of core funding through 2025 for UN University’s Institute for Water, Environment and Health, a research organization at the forefront of pressing global water challenges. Hosted by McMaster University, UNU-INWEH has contributed important insights on world water issues, including water-borne diseases and how to meet the expected large increase in global water demand — almost 50% by 2030 — a need impossible to meet as conventional water sources diminish.


Researchers develop a yeast-based platform to boost production of rare natural molecules

Researchers outline a method to synthesize complex bioactive molecules much more quickly and efficiently. Using cutting-edge synthetic biology approaches, They were able to produce a large amount of benzylisoquinoline alkaloid (BIA) to synthesize an array of natural and new-to-nature chemical structures in a yeast-based platform. This can provide a blueprint for the large-scale production of thousands of products, including the opioid analgesics morphine and codeine.

Elizabeth May: Portrait Of A Canadian Climate Zealot

As in many other countries, climate science in Canada has become both heavily politicized and cognitively polluted. Our government, like our science community, has grown thoroughly infected with faddish assumptions about climate change, the nature of greenhouse gasses, the presumed…

If You Like Blackouts, You’ll Love Joe Biden’s Green Energy Plans

If the definition of insanity is doing the same over and over again and expecting a different result then both the state of California and, most especially, its governor Gavin Newsom, are certifiably bonkers. See if you can spot the…