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Photos: When the moon hid Mars

The moon will cover Mars 5 times in 2020, but the occultation on February 18, 2020 was the only one that will be accessible to viewers in much of North and Central America. Photos from the EarthSky Community here.

Global warming challenges grapegrowers to find answers – Napa Valley Register

Global temperature increases are affecting grapevines, and vineyardists are looking for answers. As temperatures rise, the results are increased variability and extreme weather conditions. Exactly how the Napa Valley and other wine-growing regions respond and work to help alleviate the…

12 captivating images from the Sony World Photography Awards

Gorgeous landscapes and emotional portraits are just some of the elements captured by the finalist and shortlisted entries in the Sony World Photography Awards. In its 13th year, the 2020 competition received more than 345,000 images from 203 countries and…

It’s time to watch for the zodiacal light

The zodiacal light is an eerie light extending up from the horizon. This is a good time of year to see it in the evening, from the Northern Hemisphere. Southern Hemisphere, look before dawn!

Zooming in on breast cancer reveals how mutations shape the tumour landscape

(Cancer Research UK) Scientists have created one of the most detailed maps of breast cancer ever achieved, revealing how genetic changes shape the physical tumour landscape, according to research funded by Cancer Research UK and published in Nature Cancer today (Monday). An international team of scientists has developed intricate maps of breast tumour samples, with a resolution smaller than a single cell.

How to watch the northern lights from the comfort of home

[embedded content] Seeing the northern lights in person is on many travelers’ bucket lists. But while you save up for the trip, there’s a live camera in Canada that can make the wait easier. For the eighth consecutive year, a…

Earth just recorded its hottest January in history

Last month was the hottest January in the 141 years that records have been kept by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The average global land and ocean surface temperature in January 2020 was 2.05 degrees F (1.14 degrees…

Global warming: The Earth just had its hottest January in recorded history – USA TODAY

The warmth of January 2020 broke the previous record set in January 2016. The most notable warmer-than-average areas included much of Russia and parts of Scandinavia and eastern Canada. January 2020 marked the the 421st consecutive month that the planet…

Mysterious fast radio burst repeats in 16-day rhythm

For the first time, a fast radio burst has been found to be repeating, in a regular 16-day cycle. The baffling detection from the CHIME radio telescope deepens the mystery of these bizarre intergalactic objects.