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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Neptune discovered on this date in 1846

Read the fascinating story of the discovery of Neptune, found on September 23, 1846. It was the first planet to be discovered not solely by looking in the sky … but by using mathematics.

The post Neptune discovered on this date in 1846 first appeared on EarthSky.

Climate change may cause bees to grow lopsided wings, scientists say – The Washington Post

Listen 5 min Comment on this story Comment Gift Article The plight of the bumblebee has been well documented. In recent years, researchers and advocates have reported worrying population declines across North America and Europe as climate change menaces the…

EPA Doing Flyovers Of Largest Oil Field To Spot Methane Leaks, ‘Intimidate’

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Region 6 department is conducting helicopter flyovers over the Permian Basin to identify “super-emitters” of methane gas among oil and gas operations, according to an Aug. 1 news release. The flyovers will use infrared cameras…

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS: Global warming isn’t helped by the hot air of American pundits – Daily Mail

Big Oil v The World Rating: Train Truckers Rating: James Lovelock, the eccentric genius who first proposed the Gaia theory that Earth is a gigantic living organism, had the answer to climate change. A colossal parasol in space could deflect…

TikTok Creators Have Been Banned From Sacred Sites In Nepal For Being ‘Nuisances’

Describing them perfectly as “nuisances,” Buddhist monks in Nepal are banning TikTok video creators from using their country’s religious heritage as a stage for the popular social media app. There’s nothing that detracts from the beauty of a sacred place more that when a sizable fraction of the visitors endlessly use it as a social […]

The post TikTok Creators Have Been Banned From Sacred Sites In Nepal For Being ‘Nuisances’ appeared first on Good News Network.

How Energy-Independent America Became Dependent On Hostile Nations

The Biden Administration and the United Nations support the ability of the banking industry and our investment giants to work together to reshape our economy and our energy infrastructure. They are using a Chinese-style scoring system where businesses are graded…

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