Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Researchers document seasonal migration in deep-sea

(Nova Southeastern University) For the first time, researchers have documented seasonal migrations of fishes across the deep seafloor, revealing an important insight that will further scientific understanding of the nature of our planet.

Curiosity rover on Mars snags highest-resolution panorama yet

This just in … a new super-cool composite from Curiosity on Mars. The panorama contains more than 1,000 images taken last Thanksgiving and assembled over the past few months … 1.8 billion new pixels of Martian landscape!

Adorable Underwater Dogs In Slow Motion | BBC Earth

Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referrals give us a window into their world – helping some adorable dogs recover using hydrotherapy. Using slow motion cameras, we see exactly how dogs swim underwater. Subscribe: #DogsInSlowMotion #SlowMotionVideo #BBCEarth Watch more:Planet Earth…

Navy gains a competitive edge with research into biological ocean swarms

(Naval Research Laboratory) Tiny and frightening-looking creatures lurking throughout our world’s oceans can wreak havoc on Navy tactical decision-makers’ ability to sense the environment or plan and chart a navigation course.

VLT sees surface of dim Betelgeuse

The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope is in northern Chile. Astronomers used it to capture the unprecedented dimming of Betelgeuse, a red supergiant star in the constellation of Orion. The new images show how the apparent shape of this star is changing.

Today, 30th anniversary of the Pale Blue Dot

On February 14, 1990, the Voyager 1 spacecraft acquired one of the most iconic images ever taken from space, an image of our planet Earth seen from Saturn. The image is now known as the Pale Blue Dot.