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Visit the Arctic's most cosmopolitan city

For an increasing number of travelers, the Arctic has changed from a place to avoid into a desirable destination. Several cruise ships will be taking travelers around the Arctic Ocean in the coming years, and eco-resorts have been gaining popularity…

Learn to love winter like the Quebecois do — by celebrating it

We all know plenty of people who spend the winter hibernating, and while I’m always down for a good reading-next-to-the-fire session (see below), winter isn’t best enjoyed by ignoring it. Embracing the season is easily done with some smart layering…


Singapores new-build, first net-zero energy building opens its doors

Opened earlier this year, the newly completed NUS School of Design & Environment 4 (SDE4) is distinguished as Singapore’s first new-build, net-zero energy building school. Developed by the School of Design and Environment at the National University of Singapore and designed by Serie + Multiply Architects with Surbana Jurong, the six-story multidisciplinary building is located on a hillock along Clementi Road near the southern coastline of Singapore where it joins a larger campus redevelopment….


Recycling can get kids free books in southern Italy

An Italian bookseller has come up with a novel way to promote recycling. Michele Gentile, who owns Ex Libris Cafe in southern Italy, is giving away free books in exchange for plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Michele Gentile says he thought of the recycling program because he wanted to inspire children in the small town of Polla to read and be aware of the environment. To that end, his book giveaway is only being offered to school kids who donate one aluminum can and a plastic bottle to his…


BREEAM Excellent-certified office of the future frames Bucharests restored Oromolu Villa

Bucharest-based architecture firm DSBA (Dorin Stefan Birou de Arhitectura) recently completed the Oromolu Office, a futuristic counterpart to its historic neighbor, the recently restored Oromolu Villa. Created as part of the Aviatorilor 8 complex in the heart of Bucharest, the three-story new-build was conceived as the “office of the future” with an eye-catching curvaceous glass curtain wall that helped the project achieve BREEAM Excellent certification. In addition to the triple-laminated facade,…

How to have the best vacation ever this year

Ahhh, vacation. It can be a time to catch up on sleep, rebuild mental and emotional reserves, and remind remind yourself that there’s more to who you are than being a hard worker. It might feel frivolous, but it’s anything…