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U.S. Electric Bus Demand Outpaces Production as Cities Add to Their Fleets

Cities are still working through early challenges, but they see health and climate benefits ahead.  In Chicago, two buses save the city $24,000 a year in fuel costs. In the coastal city of Gulfport, Mississippi, the state’s first fully-electric bus…

Phoenix Light Rail Fail, 2019 Update

To the surprise of no one who reads this blog, Phoenix Light Rail continues to fail at every goal it set for itself, despite over $2 billion in cumulative expenditures and over 10 years of time to “catch on.”  In…

BBC Shields Extinction Rebellion As Londoners Fume Over Traffic, Chaos, Tents

London was blockaded by a major protest yesterday but there was not the slightest disruption. No one sat for hours in a traffic queue. No one was late getting to work. At least that was the impression given by the…

Miami-Dade Locks In Order For 33 Electric Buses From Proterra

Miami-Dade is taking a big first step into the electrified future with the purchase of 33 fully electric buses from Proterra. The agreement represents the largest purchase of electric buses to date on the east coast of the United States

Climate and Energy Experts Debate How to Respond to a Warming World – The New York Times

As energy demand rises around the globe, so does concern about climate change. The science seems clear: Ninety-seven percent or more of scientists active in the field are convinced the climate has been warming over the past century, the pace…

An Increasingly Urbanized Latin America Turns to Electric Buses

From Colombia to Argentina, major cities in Latin America are starting to adopt electric bus fleets.  In a region with the highest use of buses per person globally, officials believe the transition will help meet climate targets, cut fuel costs,…

Jalopnik’s Torch Is Right About Electric School Buses

With cheap batteries, cheap conversion kits, and cheap electricity from solar power, it would make a lot of sense to start converting school bus fleets. This is an idea schools and bus companies should seriously consider