Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Meteorological winter arrives with a roar in North America

It’s December, which means it’s “meteorological winter” for the Northern Hemisphere. And while there are still a few weeks until the winter solstice — which marks the official beginning of “astronomical winter” on Dec. 21 — the weather across much…

Photosynthesis seen in a new light by rapid X-ray pulses

(Arizona State University) In a new study, led by Petra Fromme and Nadia Zatsepin at the Biodesign Center for Applied Structural Discovery, the School of Molecular Sciences and the Department of Physics at ASU, researchers investigated the structure of Photosystem I (PSI) with ultrashort X-ray pulses at the European X-ray Free Electron Laser (EuXFEL), located in Hamburg, Germany.

Could the black hole at the heart of our galaxy actually be a wormhole?

While no one knows for sure what would happen if you fell into a black hole, it’s probably safe to say that you wouldn’t be back this way again. By most scientific reckonings, the incomprehensible force exerted by a black…


For better research results, let mice be mice

Animal models can serve as gateways for understanding many human communication disorders, but a new study suggests that the established practice of socially isolating mice for such purposes might actually make them poor research models for humans, and a simple shift to a more realistic social environment could greatly improve the utility of the future studies.

​'The Real Dirt on America's Frontier Legends'

We think we know a lot about frontier legends Lewis and Clark, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Jim Bridger, Hugh Glass (of “The Revenant” fame), Jeremiah Johnson (whose actual name was John “Liver-Eating” Johnston) and William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, but in…

5 startling statistics about rhinos

Rhinos are some of the planet’s most iconic animals, thanks largely to their hulking physiques and distinctive horns. Yet fame has done little to protect rhinos lately, as a poaching crisis has rapidly shrunk many populations of the ancient mammals….