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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Pathways to changing the minds of climate deniers

(Stanford’s School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences ) By reviewing the psychology behind climate change rejection, a Stanford researcher suggests four approaches that can sway climate deniers and help overcome obstacles to implementing solutions.

2020 may be the year that young people finally decide who wins elections

In a discussion of the film “The Irishman” and its digitally de-aged actors, Nitsuh Abebe of The New York Times writes about the dominance of the baby boomers. Consider our nation: The president is in his 70s, as are his…

More On New York’s Self-Inflicted Energy Crunch

As I have noted many times before, this whole green energy thing is all just so much talk until the point hits where energy shortages start to emerge or consumer prices begin to soar. At that point, the people will…

Announcing new GSA Division Award for career achievement in petroleum geology

(Geological Society of America) The Curtis-Hedberg Petroleum Career Achievement Award has been established by the Energy Geology Division of The Geological Society of America (GSA) and will be awarded in 2020 at the GSA Annual Meeting in Montréal, Canada.

Climate Change Threatens 60% of Toxic Superfund Sites, GAO Finds

Hundreds of polluted sites face an increased risk of inundation from sea level rise, flooding exacerbated by global warming, or wildfires, Congress’s watchdog warns. Sixty percent of the nation’s heavily polluted Superfund sites—nearly 950 of them—are at risk from the…

Cuomo’s Latest Ridiculous Blame Game For NYC’s Gas Shortage

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has grown so desperate to dodge the blame for the natural gas shortage hitting Long Island and parts of Brooklyn that he’s gone on the attack against his own Public Service Commission. You wouldn’t know it from…

Did a common childhood illness take down the Neanderthals?

(SUNY Downstate Health Science University) A new study suggests that the extinction of Neanderthals may be tied to persistent, life-long ear infections due to the structure of their Eustachian tubes, which are similar to those of human infants.


Extinction Rebellion activists target London fashion week

Not long ago, high drama at London fashion week meant a battle over hemlines or between designer egos. But as the climate crisis challenges fashion’s fundamental viability as an industry, the stakes, and tempers, have been raised. Hours before the…

NASA images of hurricanes from space

Hurricane season is under way — a perfect opportunity to look at these amazing storms from a different perspective. NASA offers just the right viewpoint to study hurricanes, whether from 22,000-mile-high weather satellites or the International Space Station, which orbits…