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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


This adorable rabbit relative sounds an alarm for global warming – National Geographic

A critter the size and shape of a furry russet potato, with Mickey Mouse ears, and no tail, the American pika might not be your standard “iconic” species. But the charismatic rabbit-relative is integral to the high-alpine landscapes of the…

Locals Digging a Well Accidentally Discover a $140 Million Star Sapphire Weighing Half a Ton

It’s hard work being a farmer, that is until you pull a half-ton sapphire out of the ground while digging a well… Then it’s pretty incredible being a farmer. A boulder containing a cluster of 2.5 million carats in star sapphires was unearthed by workmen digging a well on the island of Sri Lanka, a […]

The post Locals Digging a Well Accidentally Discover a $140 Million Star Sapphire Weighing Half a Ton appeared first on Good News Network.

The Earth is Melting: Global Warming Brings Rain to Greenland Ice Sheets – Greek Reporter

Polar bears in northeast Greenland. Greenland’s summit has experienced rain for the first time in its history. Credit:Andreas Preusser, CC BY-ND 3.0 It rained on the summit of Greenland for the first time in the ice sheet’s history. The rainfall…

Good news: The media is getting the facts right on climate change – Grist

It might sound like a low bar, but for those who care about facts, it’s been a long wait: News coverage of climate is finally getting the science right. A study out this week found that 90 percent of media…

Guest Opinion: Tracey Bernett: Concrete and climate change – Boulder Daily Camera

By Rep. Tracey Bernett One of my favorite memories of the 2021 legislative session was when I was on the House floor urging my colleagues to vote for HB21-1303… at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night just a few weeks…

A 1967 solar storm nearly caused a nuclear war

The U.S. Air Force began preparing for war on May 23, 1967, thinking that the Soviet Union had jammed a set of American surveillance radars. But instead the powerful 1967 solar storm was to blame.

The post A 1967 solar storm nearly caused a nuclear war first appeared on EarthSky.

Capturing Climate Change – IEEE Spectrum

This is part of IEEE Spectrum’s special report: Critical Challenges 2002: Technology Takes On The government of Tuvalu, a Pacific Island nation, made a plea last summer for countries to take in Tuvalu evacuees, fearing a rising sea level will…

Influential US climate report moves ahead — under new leadership –

NEWS 16 July 2021 With Allison Crimmins completing the new federal climate team, scientists say the fifth National Climate Assessment is back on solid ground. Jeff Tollefson Jeff Tollefson You have full access to this article via your institution. Extreme…

How Global Warmists Package Panic

That the latest World Weather Attribution (WWA) post, Rapid attribution analysis of the extraordinary heatwave on the Pacific Coast of the US and Canada June 2021, has twenty-one contributors from prestigious research groups around the world gave it even more…

Boulder Officials Admit Climate Lawsuit Is About Driving ‘Fundamental System Change’

Three years ago, when the City and County of Boulder and the County of San Miguel introduced their climate lawsuit, the municipalities’ elected leaders made it unmistakably clear that their case was solely about seeking damages to pay for the…

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