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In China, quarantine improves air and prevents thousands of premature deaths

A new study finds that China’s countrywide ban on traffic mobility from February 10 to March 14, 2020 greatly limited automobile emissions and sharply reduced the country’s often severe air pollution. The improved air quality, in turn, prevented thousands of pollution-related deaths.

Ban Plastic Bags! No, Never Mind!

Recently, many politicians were in such a hurry to ban plastic bags. California and Hawaii banned them, then New York. Then Oregon, Connecticut, Maine, and Vermont passed laws against them. More than 400 cities did, too. Why? Because plastic bags…

Libs Push To Radically Transform U.S. Post-Pandemic: ‘Reinvent Cities’

For weeks, the American people have faced daily orders, graphs, tables, news stories, and press conferences detailing the coronavirus’s devastating impact on the country, from thousands of deaths to a 21-trillion-dollar economy brought to its knees. … And now, even…

Guardian’s Latest Climate Scam: Boston Will Be Underwater

A newly published article in the Guardian attempts to scaremonger Bostonians by claiming rising seas will inundate large swaths of Boston. Only the very wealthy will be able to pay for expensive measures to keep the sea at bay, the…

Ecological Society of America announces 2020 award recipients

(Ecological Society of America) ESA will present the 2020 awards recognizing outstanding contributions to ecology in new discoveries, teaching, sustainability, diversity, and lifelong commitment to the profession during the Society’s Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT.


Cell membrane proteins imaged in 3D

Scientists have demonstrated a new technique for imaging proteins in 3D with nanoscale resolution. Their work enables researchers to identify the precise location of proteins within individual cells, reaching the resolution of the cell membrane and the smallest subcellular organelles.