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Scientists identify microbe that could help degrade polyurethane-based plastics

One of the most widely used oil-based plastics, polyurethane, is particularly hard to recycle or destroy safely. It also releases toxic chemicals into landfills. However, some microorganisms are capable of metabolizing these compounds and degrading the plastic waste in the process. Scientists have identified one such bacterium that could be used to help break down polyurethane-based plastics for future bio-recycling.

Vampire bats form deep social bonds by grooming before sharing blood

(Cell Press) For vampire bats, sharing blood with a roostmate is the mark of a true bond. Though these relationships are uncommon, they demonstrate behavior akin to what some might call friendship. In a paper appearing March 19 in the journal Current Biology, researchers show how social grooming and food sharing can build up trust among unrelated vampire bats to form life-saving bonds that can last a lifetime.

Scientists learn how vampire bat strangers make friends

(Ohio State University) Scientists haven’t had a good grip on how friendly connections among strangers are made between animals — until now. A new study of vampire bats living in captivity with strangers supports the ‘raising-the-stakes’ model of the development of cooperative relationships, which suggests that trust builds over time through the gradual acceleration of smaller mutual investments in each other’s well-being.


MISSISSIPPI RIVER: 2 major cities tap impact bonds to bolster flood resilience

Facing hundreds of millions of dollars in 2019 flood damages, two major Mississippi River cities will tap private capital markets to pay for new protection against future floods, which scientists say will become more frequent under climate warming.

The Federal Reserve Has Now Joined The Climate Cabal

The 1978 Humphrey-Hawkins Act requires the Federal Reserve to “promote” stable prices and full employment. Of course, the Fed’s steady erosion of the dollar’s purchasing power has made prices anything but stable, while the boom-and-bust cycle created by the Fed…

Cheetah cubs born through IVF offer hope for their species

Two small cheetah cubs have been born to a surrogate mother via in vitro fertilization (IVF) for the first time. Their births offer hope for the struggling cheetah population, and animal experts are calling it a “groundbreaking scientific breakthrough.” The…

Cobalt-based catalysts promise to enhance heavy oil extraction

(Kazan Federal University) The C-O and C-S bonds break in the side chains of aromatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons. The content of primary (Cp) and the sum of secondary and quaternary (Csq) carbons was increased, while the content of tertiary (Ct) and aromatic carbons (Car) declined. The high-molecular poly-alicyclic and polyaromatic components had lost the straight and branched aliphatic hydrocarbons, and then were transformed into coke like substance — carbene-carboids.