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Electric Vehicles Will Win Big in a Recession

The news on vehicle sales is indicative of the growing economic headwinds.  Data published by the China Association of Automotive Manufacturers showed auto production down 12.4% in the first half of the year in what is the world’s largest car…

European Electric Car Market News — Triple The Number Of Models & More Battery Factories

IHS Markit predicts the number of electric car models available in Europe will triple over the next 18 months. European leaders are pushing hard for new battery factories to meet the demand, but leaders in the UK and the US seem not to have gotten the memo.

‘Green Energy’ Profiteers Need To Come Clean With Taxpayers, Voters

Xcel Energy out of Colorado is shutting down two coal-fired generating power plants in favor of the largest solar-plus storage project in the United States. This $2.5-billion “scheme” allowed only 11 companies to bid on the project out of 400…

Latest BNEF Report Gives The Lie To University Of Chicago Renewable Energy FUD

BNEF says renewable energy costs are continuing to fall faster than predicted, making renewable cost competitive with coal and gas power plants. But researchers at the University of Chicago claim renewable energy standards raises the cost of electricity. Both cannot be correct, so which is it?