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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Welcome To Post-Apocalyptic Climate Policy

In the past weeks I’ve noticed some important events that characterize a common underlying trend: • The chief executive of BMW announced that the company would not cut a single job as it transitions to producing only electric vehicles; •…

He Was Quoted $50,000 to Fix the Church Clock But All it Took Was a Can of WD-40

Grimsby is a large port town in Lincolnshire where a 14th-century church clock has been stuck at two-past-twelve for twelve years. Recently, when the church minister decided to see about getting it repaired, a pair of clock engineers gave quotes that wouldn’t look out of place next to the ‘for sale’ sign beside a brand […]

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Warming The Planet Is An Unintentional Crime – OpEd – Eurasia Review

Certain Western countries are chiefly responsible for the global warming. They have been warming the planet since the industrialization, which started about 200 years ago.  The insatiable thirst by big emitters, which their numbers are increasing, is making the life…

Deserted Factories Show How China’s Electric Car Boom Went Overboard

Visitors to Byton Ltd.’s website are greeted with color-saturated images of shiny electric cars gliding along manicured streets. Those paying a visit to the automaker’s factory in Nanjing, eastern China may be less impressed. (Pictured: deserted EV factories in Nanjing)…

GM Recalls All Chevy Bolts Worldwide Over Battery Fire Risk

General Motors said Friday it is recalling all Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles sold worldwide to fix a battery problem that could cause fires. The recall and others raise questions about lithium-ion batteries, which now are used in nearly all-electric vehicles….

Curbing climate change is auto mechanics, not rocket science – CNN

Editor’s Note: Dan Becker directs the Safe Climate Campaign, which advocates strong measures to fight global warming. James Gerstenzang is the campaign’s editorial director. The views expressed in this commentary are their own. Read more opinion articles on CNN. CNN…

Deep-sea research bolstered with $2 million grant

(Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences) Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences has been awarded $2 million by NSF to accelerate scientific understanding of the impacts of emerging industries in the deep sea – one of the most mysterious, and potentially lucrative, areas of the ocean.

‘Going Green’ Risks Destroying The British Car Industry

To my mind, Boris Johnson’s announcement of the ban on the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 – just ten years off ­– is one of the most significant political decisions in modern times. It says…

Battery Issues Still Plaguing E-Cars; BMW Issues Recall Of Hybrids

Explosive car batteries? BMW recalls a large number of electric hybrid cars By A.R. Göhring(Translated by P. Gosselin) Reader M.P. points out how ‘auto motorsport’ and other magazines are reporting that BMW is recalling its plugin hybrids on a large…

Portugal Has 14% Plugin Vehicle Market Share, Tesla Model 3 On Top

While the overall automotive market in Portugal still in the doldrums (-39% year over year/YoY), plugin vehicle registrations hit a record month in September, with 1,844 plugins being registered there

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