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Top Gear: Tesla Model 3 Is “An AK47 Disguised As A Butter Knife”

The petrolheads at Top Gear have bashed Tesla from day one, constructing tests designed to expose its inherent weaknesses. Its sentiment seems to have shifted, though, if its latest review of the Model 3 Performance is any indication

Latent Tesla Model 3 Demand … Model 3 Performance Embarrassing BMW M3 … Used Model 3 Sales — #CleanTechnica Top 20 (April)

I’m a little late sharing these highlights, but below are the 20 CleanTechnica articles that were most popular in April. If you missed any of them, note that they are required reading. I don’t want to say you’re going to prison if you don’t read them, but, well

Top Gear’s “Interesting” History With Tesla & New View Thanks To Tesla Model 3 vs. BMW M3 Track Tests

The British car enthusiast show and publication Top Gear has had a bit of a rocky relationship with Tesla. It’s been a long time since that initial Roadster controversy, and along comes the Tesla Model 3 — the smaller, lighter, nimbler sibling of the Tesla Model S. Top Gear is now singing a different tune

Tesla Model 3 Thumps BMW M3 … Model S & X Upgrade … Tesla Death Anniversary — #CleanTechnica Top 20

The most popular CleanTechnica stories of the past week included a Tesla Model 3 Performance thumping a BMW M3 on the track, some breaking news about a Tesla Model S & X upgrade from Tesla, our idea for a Tesla 11 Year Death Anniversary. For more, scroll past three of our new videos (watch them if you haven’t) and through the various popular articles. (Be sure to click and share all of them!)

Tesla Model 3 vs. Honda Accord — 7 Scenarios

Reporting on the Tesla Model 3 is weird. It’s a car that can smoke a BMW M3 on the track yet is cost competitive — or even cheaper than — a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord (seriously)

Tesla Model 3 Performance Crushes Fossil BMW M3 Around Race Track

Top Gear magazine has track tested the Tesla Model 3 Performance head to head against fossil fans’ favorite sports saloon, the BMW M3. The track times were conducted on the 2 mile Thunderhill Raceway Park West circuit, with the Tesla coming in a significant 2 seconds ahead of the (more expensive) BMW. Fossils must now accept all-round inferiority in the performance realm

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