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News about Climate Change and our Planet


2019 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming Digest #28

Posted on 14 July 2019 by John Hartz Debunk of the Week… El Niño/La Niña Update… Toon of the Week… Coming Soon on SkS… Poster of the Week… SkS Week in Review… Debunk of the Week… Non-peer-reviewed manuscript falsely claims…

Today in 2003: Opportunity blasts off to Mars

NASA’s Opportunity rover spent some 15 years exploring Mars. It surpassed all expectations for its endurance and longevity, to become one of the most successful planetary missions. Then it went silent.

Coral Reef Fully Recovers (For 400th Time), Researchers Surprised (Again)

If only coral researchers read skeptic blogs, they’d know that corals have been getting bleached and wrecked by cyclones for millions of years. They have adaptable genes, honed by 500 million years of natural selection, plus epigenetic tricks, and with…


The formula for telling sustainability stories that stick

Stories are everything — in corporate sustainability as in life. Facts and numbers help explain the world as it is, but narratives give it meaning. We turn to tales for teaching, selling products and services, and motivating the masses into action. From the fires of prehistory to the depths of the digital age, a good story can change the world.

Yesterday in Edale

Edale Country Day, 9 June 2019. Photo: Mark Avery Yesterday I went to Edale and back. I met some old friends, and made some new ones, and had an interesting day – oh yes, and was called a liar by…

5 historic battles you can witness in the present

Practically every major battle in every major war has been re-done at some point. The ancient Romans — big warriors, those Romans — upon returning home recreated battles in the amphitheaters for the enjoyment of the people. Before the American…

UN Virtue Signaling Is Not The Answer To Beating Air Pollution

Today is the UN’s World Environment Day. This year’s event is focused on air pollution, as the UN explains: Each World Environment Day is organized around a theme that focuses attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern. The theme for…