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Why I’m climate striking against Fox News on Friday | Alexandria Villaseñor

This past Saturday, I was among hundreds of activists with the group Extinction Rebellion NYC who protested outside the New York Times headquarters in midtown Manhattan to demand better coverage of the climate crisis. Protesters lay down on Eighth Avenue,…

Carpet weavers of Himachal Pradesh an unusual casualty of global warming – Livemint

KANGRA: You will not find anyone here, they left last month,” said Ramesh Chand about other shepherds in his mountain village. At 49, Chand is among a handful of men left in Kareri, near the town of Dharamshala in Himachal…

Guest blog – The Time is Now by Patrick Killoran

Patrick works for Green Alliance as the policy assistant for the Greener UK Unit. Greener UK is a group of 14 major environmental organisations, with a combined public membership of over 8 million, united in the belief that leaving the…

Be prepared: Prioritising invasive species for strategic prevention (Durban, South Africa)

(Pensoft Publishers) Alien species management in cities can be a difficult and costly endeavour. In their study, published in the open-access journal Neobiota, scientists present a new tool developed to identify non-native species likely to become the next big invader. By using this approach, species considered of particular risk are to be taken measure of well before they have established. The prioritisation tool could be customised to answer the specific needs of different cities around the world.


Beautiful, solar-powered EV charging stations promise to charge a vehicle in 15 minutes

Copenhagen-based architectural firm COBE has just unveiled what’s possibly the most beautiful and sustainable electric vehicle charging stations in the world. Built entirely from recyclable materials and powered by solar energy, these ultra-fast charging stations not only recharge a vehicle in just 15 minutes, but also offer drivers a welcoming place to rest and relax. The first COBE-designed EV charging station was installed on the E20 motorway in the Danish city of Fredericia, with 47 more planned…

American honeybees just can't get a break

American beekeepers have spent decades struggling with colony collapse disorder (CCD), which causes bees to mysteriously abandon their hives. CCD has raised concerns not just for beekeepers, but for farmers of all stripes — plus anyone who eats their crops….

Camera trap captures rare high-definition photos of a jaguar in the wild

Jaguars are the third-largest cat species on Earth, smaller only than lions and tigers, and the largest one left in the Americas. They’re incredibly sneaky despite their size, though, and, excel at fading into the background. They may have been…