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News about Climate Change and our Planet



EMISSIONS: Bill Gates-led group to help match climate tech with customers

The biggest challenge for most climate solutions is finding a market. That means displacing existing carbon-intensive products that are often cheaper and just as good, such as fossil-fuel-powered airplanes or emissions-intensive steel.

Electric cars won’t stop global warming – The Nationalist

Electric cars won’t solve all our problems By Michael Godfrey I READ a very interesting article recently, which completely did away with the notion that electric cars are the be-all and end-all and will solve all our carbon emission problems….

Howie Carr: The wheels are coming off the RMV – Boston Herald

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is capable of halting global warming – just ask them. Just don’t expect the hacks to issue an inspection sticker for your car, because while stopping rising sea levels is no problem, the failed Registry of…

Biden: Americans Can Travel By Rail Nearly As Fast As A Plane

President Joe Biden defended his exorbitant “infrastructure” bill Wednesday by urging Americans to imagine a world in which they can travel by rail at the speed of an airplane and traverse the globe’s entire circumference in just an hour. These…


RHODE ISLAND: Lawmakers pass sweeping climate change bill

Rhode Island lawmakers have passed a wide-ranging bill to address climate change that would require the state to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and Gov. Daniel McKee (D) has indicated he will sign it.

Does Biden’s American Jobs Plan go big enough on climate change? – Al Jazeera English

At first glance, United States President Joe Biden’s giant American Jobs Plan seems like an environmentalist’s dream: enormous investment in electric vehicles, big tax incentives for renewable energy and widespread improvements to the ailing US power grid. The initiative would…

The Utter Crushing Phoniness Of Biden’s Costly Infrastructure Plan

One of the most striking – and depressing – realities of our nation’s capital these days is the importance of image and the irrelevance of substance and truth. Appearances have always been somewhat important. Remember that shot of John Edwards…

Letter: NH reps seek to ban talk of global warming –

April 4 — To the Editor: Are you concerned about the effects of global warming?  In NH, carbon pollution in the air increases asthma and health costs.  Extreme weather brings floods and drought, threatening our homes, roads and bridges, and…

Louisiana wetlands could ease — or worsen — climate change. Curbing erosion could make the difference. – Houma Courier

A new report adds to growing research showing Louisiana’s coastal wetlands could play a key role in stemming the rising tides, damaging weather and other threats posed by climate change. But the report, a paper published last week by scientists at Louisiana’s…

Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal Of NYC’s Climate Lawfare Suit

The climate litigation campaign was dealt yet another stinging defeat in New York on Thursday after a federal appeals court rejected New York City’s attempt to revive its climate lawsuit against energy companies. It’s the second major loss in the…